Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Chat Me Up and Piss Me Off

I just got into something of a cat fight with my mother over whether or not blogging is the same as chatting. I get really prickly and my bitchtitude rises to code red level when I get the " mean like chatting???" comments.

A couple of reasons:

When I was younger and stupider I was an avid chatter. Excite Chat...that was where 'twas at. I had 40 year old men all over my virtual ass all the time. I blew (most) of them off, and not a night went by that I didn't get at least 10-15 "a/s/l??" questions. For those of you never inducted into the hell-fire world of chat that means age/sex/location.

There was normally an air of scumminess about chatting. Any number of people would pop up a private message beginning with "Are you horny?" or "What color are your panties?" Yeah, should've never been chatting at a vulnerable age. It was rare to find a group actually chatting in an open room. Private messages were much more popular for a number of mind-bending and wholly yucky reasons.

So, yeah, I don't associate blogging with chatting. This blog thing started with me wanting to journal more. I'm a horrific journaler on paper. I tend to talk about my love life in my journal and it winds up a maudlin tangle of my childish loves and lusts. I'm not nearly as likely to discuss feminism or books I'm reading in a paper journal. I also wanted to start writing more when I started blogging, and this has become a way to find my writerly "voice." I let my personality flood my blog...good and bad...and it's helped my writing immensely.

So, to all those who think blogging is comparable to typical chatting, I give you the finger. It may be chatting, but it's the smart (or smartass) person's chat.

By the way, a big THANK YOU to Ago-go for the cute panties! I LOOOOVE THEMMMM!! They say, "Librarians do it quietly." I'll be wearing them while I cuddle up to my "Book lovers never go to bed alone" pillow!!!

Did I just fuck up my whole point?

On TV: Dancing with the Stars
Reading: The Soul of Sex and gods in Alabama


  1. Your titilating undies aside, blogging and chatting are worlds apart. I went in a thirtysomething chat room once and it was like being trapped with a bunch of overaged high schoolers.

  2. I'm older than your Mom. Chatting is not the same as Blogging. Consider yourself validated :)))))

    I used to chat on IRC and Undernet when I was first was on the commercial Internet in 95 and didn't know any better. It was an instant education.

    It is surprising how many young males want to make it with an older woman. I do not wish to instruct would be my response. Leave me the f alone. LOL ..

    Of course, those were preferrably to the ones with feet fetishes and fire obssessions. Some of my fonder memories of IRC.

  3. Sorry for the typos etc in above post. I always think I proof read :)

  4. What about "Archivists don't do it at all, but can tell you all the people that did.." :)

  5. Thank you my blovelies! You make me feel much better and totally validated.

    Amen brotha. And a few of them probably really were high schoolers.

    LOve your comeback line! lol

    You should be a panty maker!

  6. P.S. "blovelies" is not a typo. It's quickspeak for blog lovelies. Right. That's it.

  7. I definately agree, I started blogging for the same reason. It's a great way to get you into the habit of writing everyday. Chatting a lot less sophistocated in my humble opinion.

  8. It's not chatting, it's conversing with the world :)

  9. Kisses for Flesh and Fence! I knew you'd see the light with me.

  10. It's not chatting as far as I can tell. It's not same-time anyway.

    And yay, you're reading gods in Alabama! What do you think so far??

  11. So, are you horny and what color are your panties? ... Sorry, just couldn't resist!! Now I am officially a dirty old man!

  12. Heather-boo,
    I haven't started it last night. I stayed on the phone til 10 and passed out shortly after. I'll start it this afternoon!

  13. Cincy,
    I was wondering how long it would take someone to say it. Took much longer than expected!

  14. Oops, Heather. I hate typos. Should've said "didn't start it last night". GRRR!

  15. Ah, well, after the raving I did about it, I just hope you like it. I hate it when I promot a book I luv and then no one else likes it. Makes me feel like a complete dunderhead. Ha, not that I need much help there!

  16. You'll never be a dunderhead to me!! The blurb sounds luscious on gods in Alabama. I can't wait to dig in!

    Oh, and I'm completely addicted to her blog now. I laugh out loud at work readin' it.

  17. I just wanted to say that I stumbled onto your blog and I think it rocks so I am going to put a link to it on mine unless you object. Hope not. Keep on keepin on!

  18. Hey, Thro! Sounds good to me! Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be checkin' yours out shortly.

  19. glad you got the package hon, i saw them and immediately thought of my blogger honeys...thought you would appreciate them! do they fit ok?

  20. They fit perfectly, although right now they're hanging on my CD stand. Gives the room a taste of scandalous loveliness. Will be wearing them this weekend!


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