Thursday, June 16, 2005

CLUELESS is on!!!!

Clueless is on USA, and I freakin' love it! I had a major obsession with it in high school when I wasn't kissing anyone. I would've given my left ovary--not the right one, it's my favorite--to be Cher on the stairs with Josh. Why wasn't I kissing anyone in high school? Because my best guy friend/love interest was gay and I was related to everyone else.

Sorry I didn't get to attack the blogs like I'd planned. My ISP has this thing going on lately where it doesn't want to work after dark. Yeah, who'd wanna get on the computer at night???

I also bought the SIMS 2 University expansion pack last night (geek alert!) and spent the entire night practicing makin' babies with jocks (my SIM did, that is).

Off to do some more of that now! I had a rant prepared but I can't remember what it was. Oh, and I got my giddy spades. I'm trying to narrow down which details I'm going to share. Juiciness to come.

On TV: Alicia and the gang. Stacy Dash is now in the running for lesbian girlfriend.
Music: Gavin
Reading: Nooothing but the back of a Doritos bag and the exams I'm grading.
In my head: Red miniature roses.


  1. Oh, he didn't do the red roses thing, did he?

  2. I think if you're going to remain giddy you'll hafto change your profile a bit... No complaints (happiness is a good thing), just lettin' ya' know. ;)

  3. My best friend from highschool is "Clueless" Josh's cousin, no guff! And geek to geek, I personally enjoyed it when my Angelina Jolie sim broke up my Brad and Jennifer sims. Delicious!

  4. did i not say that stacy dash was fucking hot? hot hot hot! but i will gladly share her with you. i've got an idea, we can share her and jeremy sisto!

    glad you're giddy again!

  5. Maybe your ISP is a vampire and needs to get out after dark and suck various blood types in order to power itself for the next days work?

    What do you mean I'm talking crazy?

  6. Clueless! OMG! That was like totally my favorite movie in high school! My two best friends in school used to watch it all the time. And quote it and do all the hand signals! I even have the DVD! What, I'm a Loooo-ser?


    That's funny too...I favor my right ovary also. Yep, we were separated at birth.

    Welcome back giddy!!!

  7. Os,
    It's the cutest thing, but I'm not telling of the cuteness. Not today...maybe tomorrow.

    It doesn't matter how giddy I get, I'm still griping about things. Work, the news, stupid people in the spotlight, etc. It's my trademark.

  8. DanNan,
    EEEEEEK! That's almost a celebrity siting! That's like, 2 degrees of separation. *spazz*

    I have SIMS modeled after the Sex & the City girls. I also built one of myself, and she's now barefoot and pregnant with her 2nd child. EEek! Congrats on your Brad and Jennifer breakup!

  9. I've always heartily agreed, Ago, but I hadn't thought about her in a long time. I think it's the eyes that really do it.

  10. Fence,
    Not crazy at all. I think that's it. Last night the phone line in my bedroom died....flat-ass died. So, I'll be on my mom's HP desktop (gag) for the next few days. Blahhh.

  11. Heather,
    My Clueless sista!! I need it on DVD. It has to be in the permanent collection.

    I knew we were separated at birth.

  12. oooooooooooookay. so. i didn't know that "best friend and love interest". that's actually a complete news flash to me. just thought i'd point it out! when did he make that decision?? wee are talking about k here, right? ooookay.

  13. Holly craps! I'm with CJ, shocked, stunned!!! We are thinking of the right person, right?

  14. He hasn't come out, but it's very very obvious having stayed with him in his apartment a few years ago. Please tell me you're not surprised because this wasn't a terribly big secret in high school either.

  15. Kinda had that thought a few times, but guess I didn't really clue in on it! Of course J D was sooooo obvious. learn sumpin new every day!


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