Monday, June 13, 2005

Grab your crotch and sing with me....

In celebration of Mikey J's not guiltiness, Kenya and I sang multitudinous happenin' songs suitable for moon walking at the circulation desk. By God, if we can't read at the desk they'll be sorry.

We were both a bit giddy and weird tonight. We did the following:

I told a few choice people that she's a porn star and we're a full service library.

We decided if we had a child it would be trisket-colored. I'm white, she's Mexican, and the child would be a handsome, baked tan.

We tried to lock Steve-the-scraggly into the library instead of out for a change.

Kenya tried to talk a five-year-old boy into being her boyfriend. When he told her she was too old she said, "But we could still love each other."

We sang some more. Even looked up the lyrics to Thriller so we could stop making those word-like noises we all know and love.


  1. When I heard the news, I just grabbed my crotch and forgot to sing. Still, it felt right. Then I played my "Peter Pan" video, all the time drinking wine out of a Coke can.

  2. interesting that the 5 year old thought she was too old...sensible boy.

  3. I grabbed a barf bucket and promptly filled it.

  4. There are full service libraries in Texas? I'm still searching for someplace down here that has books.

    Oh, and Osbasso - Some things are just wrong.

  5. Its nice to know that other folks in libraries act this way. My co-worker and I look up strange things on the internet and make up new Britney Spears dance moves. We have this one move that is a Britney Spears/Ashlee Simpson combo -- looks like a psychotic fit!

  6. and THAT'S what they get for making you work a weird shift. :)
    My husband about cried, he was so happy. He kept saying "He's innocent!" and i said..."well...he was cleared of all CHARGES anyway..." and he said "why does no one BELIEVE him?? or OJ??? why does noone BELIEVE them??" it was hilarious.

  7. Os,
    That's a mental picture that will stay with me all of my days. I think you should reenact it for HNT.

  8. Ago,
    He's quite mature for his age...aside from the fact that he tries to stand on the circ desk.

  9. Vex,
    Our library is like no other. Thanks to my warped lil friend and I.

  10. Amanda,
    I'm relieved, too! I'm glad we're not the only ones. Would pay goooood money to see the Britney/Ashlee combo. And lip-synching is a must.

  11. Clack,
    Pat hubby on th head and tell him it's ok. He can live in a lil fairyland if he wants. Michael will be along shortly with his drink.

  12. Wow what was in the Jesus juice last night at the library?? I wasn't too surprised he got off. At least he has sense enough to say he won't share a bed with kids any more.


    Thank God he won't be a daily news fixture any more.

  13. Yeah, it took him long enough to realize sharing the bed with kids isn't such a great idea. What a great mind of our time!!! *tongue firmly in cheek*

  14. I'm just glad it's all over! Enough of MJ taking up newsspace when there are more important things going on.

    Still, I think he's guilty as sin! And, in my opinion, the only thing that got him off these charges are the fact that he's famous and loaded.

  15. If I had a baby, with ANYONE, it would have horns and a forked tail and a beak.

  16. Mo,
    Now that MJ is not going to be such a center of the media it's back to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She's just converted to Scientology you know.

    I feel the nausea rolling on already!

  17. LOL, NonGF. And I would pay freakshow prices to see that any day.


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