Monday, June 20, 2005


The new issue of UTNE is out! Since I can't seem to read a book lately, this is what I'll be taking to lunch with me. It looks oh-so yumalicious.


  1. i think you could shock more people by reading a hustler.

    speaking of which, i got my first (and last) issue friday.


    shoot me now. im giving u license.

  2. When I worked at a retail store the general manager took the VCR out of the break room because she was offended by the R-rated movies and Family Guy reruns we'd watch.

    So, a few of us decided to bring in the most filthy smut mags to read on our breaks. I think it was "Cum Drunk Gutter Whores" that got reading banned from the break room as well.

  3. Hustler is the devil. "E-vil like the de-vil." $20 to whoever can tell me what movie that comes from!

  4. attention employees!

    The reading of porno is now banned from the break room.


  5. Damn, and I went one day before it came out looking for it. I'm so behind on my mags from last month -- Bitch, Mental_Floss, Utne and Cracked.

  6. I'm jumping on the Bitch train soon. I saw a reference to a Bitch article in this latest issue of Utne and it had me drooling all over myself.


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