Thursday, June 23, 2005

I read a romance novel....

...and now I need a cold shower. Thank you, Jennifer Crusie, for busting me out of my reading slump and gettin' me all horned. Thanks a LOT!

Upcoming post:
Sex scenes--what makes a good one? (applies to the written word only)

TV: Hicks with guitars.
Music: More hicks with guitars.
Reading: Nothing, now that I finished Charlie All Night in one fell swoop.
In my head: Hot pig sex.


  1. This is why guys don't read romance novels. Hot pig sex is not particularly enticing!

    Looking forward to your essay on sex scenes!

  2. That should be a great post! I find that erotic writing, like Jeanette Winterson, gets me going. Porn does nothing for me. I don't even care for Bust's One Handed Read.

  3. Os,
    LOL, ever seen Bill Engvall? Blue Collar Comedy tgour?? Hot pig sex is a reference to his standup. You should hear him squeal.

  4. Amanda,
    Same here. The one-handed read....way too out there for me. Crusie does some of the best sexual tension I've read. Given, I haven't read much, but I think it's darn good! Will be looking for some Winterson since you mentioned her. Porn vs. erotica is also a hot topic with me these days...especially since I read Exit to Eden.

  5. u need to watch the secretary!


  6. Yay! Nothing like some good, hot sex to awaken the mind and freshen the senses! Really looking forward to the sex scene post!

    You haven't been watching Deliverance again have you? ;)

  7. Johnny and Amanda,
    What am I missing??? I haven't even heard of The Secretary!

  8. LOL, Heather!! No, no Deliverance. I've never seen that movie as a matter of fact. Scary, I know.

  9. For a good written sex scene, the word "heaving" has to be involved.

  10. Or throbbing manhood.

    I haven't seen it either Andi. Have no wish too!

  11. Heather,
    I feel like I know the good parts anyway...since they get quoted so often. lol Or maybe they're the "bad" parts?? Dunno!

  12. its a movie with maggie gyllenhal where she is in an S and M type relationship, but it is a romantic comedy. Excellent and funny.

  13. Romantic comedey and S&M all in one package?? Interesting. Will hunt it down.


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