Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's too late for this shit!!!

Too late...meaning too late at night!

I had a wonderful conversation with D for the last two hours....I get up and look in my fish tank at the 15 baby snails (that I now have because my snails are hornier than sailors) and what else do I see??? FISH LICE! How does this shit happen to my fish?? My fish that are socially retarded and that I don't even really like except for the fact that I've had them for almost one whole socially retarded year. So, the treatments midnight. I could be reading about Sophie and Phin and almond oil, but no....I'm treating parasites. It's my own fault for not cleaning the tank more. I'm a bad mother.

In other news I've taken the headlong leap into full-on trashy romance. As soon as I finish Welcome to Temptation I'm going to start The Pleasure Master, by....get this...Nina Bangs! NINA BANGS!!! This provided me with big honkin' laughs all day long. I've never read a book with nipples on the cover, but I want to fully experience the difference between good romance and sucky romance...between good sex scenes and sucky...umm, scenes. It's all in the spirit of research you see. You see...don't you?

On TV: That show with Uma Thurman as a chick-cop.
Music: Rascal Flatts...Fast Cars and Freedom
Reading: Welcome to Temptation, by Jennifer "I'm almost a Goddess" Crusie
In my head: Total disgust for fish lice.


  1. I never could imagine reading about bad sex scenes and fish lice in one post. Well played!

  2. So how does one determine that their fish have lice? Never mind--I don't think I want to know. How could the fish be anything BUT socially retarded? I don't imagine that you take them anywhere--they don't get to meet new fish. And all YOU do is lay back and read trashy sex novels. You ARE a bad mother! Do we need to contact Family Services or someone? The Humane Society? Van de Kamp's?

    And who knew snails were horny?

  3. I would imagine that bad sex somehow leads to the transmission of FISH LICE.

  4. I try to keep it fresh, Cincy. lol

  5. Os,
    They're actually on the side of the tank...not on the fish. It appears that the treatment is working, or the little fuckers are just hiding. Snails are worse than bunnies OR mice in the horny department.


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