Friday, June 17, 2005

Looking forward....

I have lots to look forward to today:

1) Working with all the lazy people that don't do shit at the 'brary. The other woman who works is on vacation for two weeks.
2) The 'tards come in on Friday. Not to be crass, but it's too much finger work to type "mentally challenged" or "mentally disabled" or "special friends" every time. No offense intended and you get my point. Oooh! I'll just call 'em the Normans. Norman was Mary's "special" brother in Something About Mary. Perfect. Now I don't feel like a rude-ass.
3) SALON tonight! The first meeting of the minds....sure to include at least 15 minutes of conversation and 2 hours of wine. There's nothing like meeting a future English professor at a drinking party (he'll be my contemporary lit. prof in the fall).

Tomorrow holds a myriad of possibilities as Rachel and I will be trekking to a local bar to hear her friend's hubby's band. One of the members is quite greasy and a porn addict. And he teaches music at a charter school (middle school). Nothing like those little personal details to make you feel closer to the music.

I hope to blog from the 'brary today via e-mail. If Snowflake is there it should make for a real treat.


  1. hey! here's something else to look forward to: the lady doing my shower is going to email you your invite and try to get k and l's email addresses from you. i didn't realize that was an option or we could have done this a loooong time ago! i dont have them, but i thought you might. i only have yours and v's. anyway, THAT certainly simplifies things!

  2. Whenever someone would do something stupid, we would say "Someone's got a touch of the Downs." Was that wrong?

  3. I found you through Osbasso-

    I dig your site and burst out laughing when you wrote: The 'tards come in on Friday.

    Good save on calling them "Normans"

  4. I guess it's a damned good thing I downloaded your picture! It's a great picture--even if it's not what you look like now! In any case, either make that your profile pic, or bring back the dark lady. It look too bare up there!

  5. K and L don't do email. I almost had K's for you last night but my phone line broke. I'm not dial tone, the whole nine yards...before she could call me back.

  6. LMAO, Todd! Totally wrong, but I love it.

  7. Yoj,
    Thanks! Glad you found your way here, and I'm lookin' forward to checking out your blog!

  8. Os,
    I'm in the procss of figuring out which villagephotos account has the dark lady on it. I'm tryin'!

  9. andi, as a fellow library person i have to ask, do you hate melvil dewey and the animals as much as i do?

    and have you seen 'Party Girl' yet?

  10. Ago-go,
    Dewey is the spawn of satan, and I haven't seen Party Girl yet. It's not even ringing a bell, actually. Oh my!


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