Saturday, June 11, 2005

Love in the morning....

I'll probably be incommunicado for much of the weekend. I have to work tomorrow and I'll be joyfully busy on Sunday. In the meantime I have a house to clean and toenails to paint.

A library story to tide you over:

Every Friday and Saturday the ladies and gentlemen from the home for the mentally--retarded? challenged??...whatever the hell the PC term is nowadays--come to the library to check out movies and music, and frolick merrily on the computers. There are a few personalities that really make themselves known. One little man: Bobby, comes in and has me check his library card, he ambles off to the CD's and picks one country music CD to take home and return the next day. He never speaks. He occasionally sticks his tongue out at me but there's no speaking.

Justin is a young man who talks a lot, is terribly polite, and hangs out with Bobby most of the time.

There's another guy who usually stands halfway across the library from me, smiles a wicked-large smile and waves. Recently he's gotten the nerve to approach the circ desk and greet me with a string of high-pitched "Hey You!'s" and he shakes my hand and almost squeezes the meat out of my fingers.

Today, apparently, they had all watched the same movie or listened to the same song, or watched the same episode of Dora the Explorer...something. Justin came in jabbering ninety-t0-nothin', grabbed a CD, and came to the desk to check out. It sounded a little something like this:

Me: "Hi, Justin! How are you today?"

Justin: "Hi, dear!"

Me: thinking..."Did he just call me dear? That's new."....*smile*

Justin: "Here dear!" hands me CD

Me: checks it out to him with a kind smile "There ya go."

Justin: "Thanks, dear! I looooove you."

...and off he goes happily on his way.

Shortly afterwards Leering-Handshake-Man comes up to check out a CD, which he rarely does, and greets me with his usual string of "hey you's". I smiled when he broke my fingers, nodded at his hey you's, told him to have a good day.

His reply: "I looooove you!"

I've never felt quite so loved at work. It must be something in the water. And I get to be loved again tomorrow.


  1. That's sweet.

    I'd like to get the meat squeezed out of my hand rather than having my hand squeeze the meat all the time.

    BAHA. Just kidding.


  2. It's only fair to have it turned around once in a while, right??? I thought so.

  3. I've worked in the same library for about four years now all told, and no one, no one, has *ever* come in the library and told me they love me. I don't know whether I'm disappointed or relieved.

  4. Trick,
    I'm sending one of my lovers over posthaste. I want you to feel as uncomfortably loved as I do.


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