Monday, June 27, 2005

Mucky Monday

I have to take dog poop to the vet's office on the way to work. No one ever tells you these things when you go adopt the cute lil ball o'fluff.

In other news, I finished Welcome to Temptation yesterday, and it was supremely wonderfully wonderful. I also read The Pleasure Master yesterday and was mildly surprised that there wasn't a full-on sex scene until page 300-something. It was really cheesed up with Scottish accents and the like. I have much fodder for my impending romance novel post.

I swear, I'm not normally like this, but apparently my hormones are on FIRE! Someone get the hose!

Quote of the day: "Don't diagram my fantasies."


  1. Hee hee, watch out D!

    Glad you're reading again and glad it's *gasp* trashy novels! Woo hoo! Former book snobs unite!

  2. I read some romance novels when i was 18 or so. I got a kick out of the dick-descriptions. They never say penis. it's more like "steely, pulsing sword of manhood" or "passion-weilding tower of pleasure." Fun times!

  3. Rest easy, Andi: I had to carry my own shit to the doctor once in a see through bag, in a see through tube. I didn't bother putting the see through bag in something opaque. LOL

  4. Heather,
    He's reading this!

    It feels good being a reformed book snob. I checked out another Jennifer Crusie today. She's formulaic but I'm in the mood for the formula.

    Oh! And I saw Gods in Alabama in our library today!! Someone interlibrary loaned it! Bastards!

  5. Amanda,
    That'll be one of the points I discuss in my impending love scene post. Last night's reading was my favorite. In The Pleasure Master a dick was referred to as a "love gun." Yum.

  6. Todd,
    I knew you'd make a comment on that very word. I am the all-knowing Andi!

  7. LOLLLL, Dena! Oh my! The puppy poop was in a dixie cup, folded closed, in a brown bag. I found out tonight that my mom called to see if they'd gotten any results and the poop had been FROZEN!! Our 'fridge rocks!

  8. Andi, you're a Scorpio. Fiery hormones is what you all are about!

    Rock on.

  9. Oh yeah...I'm the ruling goddess of sex. I forgot!

  10. So D reads this, huh? Does that mean that we can start writing things to embarrass you?? Cuz ya know, we really could....

  11. Oh I know you could...but I will string all of your genitalia up like Christmas lights. Mark my words. lol


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