Friday, June 03, 2005

The Return of Snowflake.....

Our moronic volunteer, now affectionately nicknamed Snowflake everywhere but to her face, was back today. She's actually come in several times since I first posted about her whiteness. The second appearance was punctuated by her choice of cooch-defying tennis skirt and mid-calf ass-kicking boots. The last couple of appearances were more subdued: suede pants in 90-degree Texas weather (can we say yeast infection?) and today was some sort of MC Hammer, camouflage getup. Finally, today, she and the "Director" didn't even bother saying that she was there to volunteer. We all know she's there to make out with him in his office, and today's lipstick on his cheek was the proof. I'll bet anyone $1,000 that they were bumpin' uglies with the blinds closed. I wonder what it's like to fuck an airheaded vampire? Maybe I can ask during my performance review.


  1. what colour was the tennis skirt? i'm hoping it was pink or something. did you see her underwear? did they go make out in the bed of the director's truck?

  2. Ago,
    Unfortunately I missed this show of ass, but I heard about it later from Reference Diva. The skirt was black....but she was also wearing black tights with it. I was hoping fishnet, but no such luck. I'm sure they did make out in his truck.


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