Tuesday, June 07, 2005

S&M and kiddie movies....

There's undoubtedly a very uneven and completely unrelatable bunch of reading and movie watching going on in my home as of late. Exit to Eden, if you're unfamiliar, is about a S&M club the size of an island and the Master (Lisa) and her slave of choice, Elliot. This is the Anne Rice book I've been bitching about lately ("Anne Rice is the only person who could make sex this boring"...etc.). Up until now it's been relegated to my "lunch book" at work (praying my scuzzy boss didn't see it). An hour ever other day doesn't make for much headway, so I got horizontal with it last night for a lil reading, and I'll be damned if it didn't get good. Shit. I'm SO not into S&M, but the way it's presented....being told from both Elliot and Lisa's perspectives, makes for a thought-provoking read. It's for a banned book discussion group, and I think it'll lend itself to some pretty interesting discussion.

I talked to _____ last night, and one of _____'s favorite movies is The Girl Next Door...a comedy about a porn star trying to leave her past behind. We were discussing movies that one would be smart not to watch with one's parents and this one, The Ice Storm, Booty Call, and all of the American Pies were mentioned. Then I got off the phone and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events.

In addition to Exit to Eden, I'm reading A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Miserable Mill. An S&M book and young adult fiction. I find myself looking at the stack of books by my bed, and it reminds me of the time I realized I was reading Lolita at Christmas. Totally unrelated, totally unintentional, but just weird anyway.

Anyhoo, A Series of Unfortunate Events (movie) was fab. I found myself a little skeptical up until about 3/4's through. They've taken a LOT of liberties, but I was completely won over when I found myself bawling through the last 10 minutes. The sets were gorgeous, Jim Carrey was only mildly annoying, the kids were adorable and well-suited to their roles, and did I mention the sets were GORGEOUS??

I think my reading slump is over. And my movie watching is picking up. too. Still to watch: Finding Neverland.

Upcoming posts:
Why I was a great teacher in tonight's class.
Jennifer Weiner does Book Expo America
The Politics of Hair and how my boss gave me that womanizer/sparkly smile when I straightened mine--inspired by Dena.


  1. YEA!!! I can't wait to see thoses posts. And congrats for coming out of your book slump!!!

  2. you should lend your boss the anne rice book. he can read it to his vampire girlfriend while sitting on his tailgate as she feels him up and sucks his life force....

  3. Thanks, Amanda!!! I'm having withdrawals from your lack of posts!! *stern look*


  4. Ago,
    I thought about Snowflake because I bet it'd be riiiight up her alley. And I don't think boss man would turn down any action...even if he had to lick her boots first. The tailgate is a nice touch!

  5. Oh, Finding Neverland is really great. Hope you enjoy it.

    I haven't read any of the Lemony Snicket books, though I did purchase the first three for the sister last Xmas, so I should have the chance to peruse em at some stage. The film looked fantabulas though

  6. Thanks, Fence! I'll probably watch Finding Neverland tonight so I can get it back to the library.

    You should definitely try the Unfortunate Events books and movie. They're sooo cute, if very formulaic and best spaced widely apart. :o)

  7. Oh, angel - I can't wait to read you hair piece. tee hee.

    Are you and I living parallel lives, or something?


  8. I think we just might be. Are you reading any s&m? If so, we're so right there. Oh, wait, I wasn't supposed to enjoy that book.


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