Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Someone sucked out my giddy...

In total contrast to yesterday's teariness over what a wonder it is to teach, I'm now in the pits of total stomach churnage and stress balledness (with a little hunger thrown in). Uggg. I can't talk about it, but it was a conversation that made me cry and brought me right on down. I'm now officially a weenie head who doesn't follow her instincts. Where is the tattoo gun? I want that on my forehead.

I'm miserably behind on my blog reading, so if you haven't seen me on yours in a few days, watch the fuck out. I'm coming for you tonight. I also need to add links to my sidebar. The blog horn will be doing some hellish blowin' my friends. You all are feeding my addiction.You are my crack.

Off to work.

Things to be excited about this week:

1) The first meeting of Reference Diva's Salon.
2) A concert on Saturday at a local bar.

P.S. Villagephotos is screwed up, so the happy whore up there will be taking my place today. My dark lady picture will be back up tonight come hell or high water.


  1. "...sucked out my giddy..." I don't even know what part of the body to be aiming for to do that. Hope you get it back! You realize that you're supposed to tell us absolutely everything, don't you? None of these cryptic "can't talk about it" things. Leaves too much to our imaginations...

    Don't be using the excuse that Villagephotos is screwed up to avoid a HNT submission! I'm glad that dark lady will be back. I don't care for the happy whore.

    Now, go forth into the world and find some giddy---

  2. You want me to kick 'em in the shins for ya'?
    Maybe one of my tasty lemon poppy seed muffins will make you feel better? *passes one through the monitor* Try this. =D

  3. Suckers. Who needs 'em?

  4. oh no miss andi, don't be it boy bullshit? please don't tell me it's boy bullshit. fucking boys if it is.

    looking forward to your comments tonight.

  5. If some boy sucked out your giddy I am going to have to come down there and start sumfin up! No boy is going to suck out my Andi's giddy and get away with it! Lemme at 'im!!

    No really, I hope you are doing okay. Nothing worse than those conversations that make you cry. And you are not a weenie head. If you are I'm sure Os would like to see it for HNT :)

    Actually...maybe not...maybe a pretty HNT tanned knee-cap?

  6. Os,
    I got my giddy back! Woot!

    Now, I just need to work on my HNT submission!

  7. Oooh, Cher! I looove lemon poppyseed.

  8. Ago,
    The comments got foiled last night. My damn ISP was down...AGAIN! I swear, the damn thing doesn't work after dark.

  9. LOL! Heather, you crack me up. Going to dig up my HNT submission as we speak!


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