Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunny Sunday


On TV: Nada
Music: Gavin Degraw
In my head: Roses, daisies, puppies, sunshine and cake.


  1. oooo! who's been a naughty girl then?

  2. You got lucky? You really need to give this person (please note the lack of gender) a name! I mean, ____________ seems a little impersonal.

    My plans fell through, so I can guarantee your day went better. I assume we'll get details....

  3. You ARE so smitten! And it's so cute! Yay for you!

  4. why don't we come up with a code name for whom I assume is a cute boy your smitten with. How about GAVIN. (giggle)

    Of course if it is a female -- then I recommend AMY LEE as a code name.

    Saying "Gavin/Amy Lee gave me the shivers" is better than "_________ gave me the shivers."

    I could insert all sorts of names there: George W., Jonathan Safar Foer, Osama Bin Laden, etc.....

  5. *grin*

    *grin* at all of you.

    I'll think about giving _____ a code name for blog purposes, but I doubt I'll be spilling many details. A girl's gotta keep somethin' for herself, yes??

    You crack me up. Just, please, don't ever call him Jonathan Safran Foer. lol

  6. your library story was cute. GUESS who called me the other night? Val! of course, she will see this very shortly herself i'm quite sure. we talked for almost two hours. it was very cool and surprised me about out of my mind. took me forever to figure out who it was! :)
    glad you're so smiley today.

  7. Clack,
    Val is the best keeper-in-toucher ever. I'm glad y'all had fun, and I've been thinking of calling you, too! E-mail me yo phone number.

  8. Hey, wait a minute--I think I know whatcha did yesterday....

  9. Are you into the group thang?

  10. Shucks guys! *blush*
    Andi, 411 works great!!! 1411 there but same thang!

  11. Os,
    You found me out. I was making a low-grade porn fill entitled The Jane Bang.

  12. I thought so. Pics? (always on the lookout for HNT submissions!)


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