Monday, July 18, 2005

100 Things About Me - Volume 1

100. I'm fascinated by storytelling in all its forms.
99. I've been extremely self-centered for the last 6 months or so, since I'm just starting to like myself again.
98. I find the total overhaul of the physical appearance an excercise in catharsis.
97. My bamboo is dying.
96. I have a penchant for sexy lingerie that no one ever sees. My preferred colors are red and black. And that runs over into my daily wardrobe as well.
95. My life is a long list of obsessions that include (this begins in childhood and comes up to the present) Jem cartoons, WWF wrestling, Garth Brooks, Brian White, Jason Kidd and the Dallas Mavericks, LJ Smith's books, vampires (books, movies, and legend), chatting and internet usage, graphic design, art, singing, and back to reading. And there are surely some I've forgotten...including cheerleading and gymnastics, and a bunch of others.
94. I hated my father until I was 18.
93. I'm cripplingly afraid of losing my mother.
92. I'm a messy, cluttery person, but I can only stand it for so long and then I throw away everything in sight.
91. I'm obsessed with keeping my fingernails spotless and nicely shaped.
90. My least favorite word combo is "sandwich board." Runner up is "giving head."
89. I get an adrenaline rush from piercings, hair colorings, driving too fast, bungee jumping, and rollercoasters. I haven't tried skydiving or parasailing yet, but I'd love to.
88. If I had the choice to be nauseatingly smart or heart-stoppingly beautiful I'd choose the smarts.
87. I love learning about all religions.
86. I could discuss politics with my cousin Sammy for eons.
85. My most prized possession is my grandfather's class ring.
84. My greatest lesson in patience came when I was 9 and bought a caboodle makeup case that I didn't love instead of waiting for a while to get spectacular one. My mother still reminds me of this at the age of 24.
83. I've broken both of my ankles.
82. The first time I ever said "fuck you" out loud was to a boy who was making fun of me right after I'd broken my ankle.
81. Joe Allen Hitsman was my very first crush. It was in kindergarten.
80. My first kiss was Tommy Saltzman....behind his mom's car while playing hide and seek at the age of 6. Between Tommy and Joe, it was a busy year.
79. I loathe 95% of Russian literature.
78. I don't hate Oprah Winfrey.
77. I do hate baby blue and baby pink.
76. Winter is my favorite season because I love bundling up and curling up with a lenthy book.
75. Any musician that makes a video that includes animation should be shot at close range. I'm talking about you Paula Abdul, Lonestar, and Eminem.


  1. These are enthralling...I can't get enough!

  2. Both ankles?

    I've never broken anything, never been in hospital apart from visiting and being born :) Both my brother did have two broken hands... at the same time

  3. I just posted on Harry Potter on my blog. Actually its just a warning that the comments section might spoil the plot. For all those who have read the book -- head over and feel free to post away!

  4. I will, Os and R. I'll post the next 25, maybe 50, today.

  5. Fence,
    I've been in the hospital one more time have my tonsils out.

    I can't imagine breaking both my hands at once. That would be sooo painful.

  6. Amanda,
    You're my hero dahling! I'll post later. Gotta go get ready for work now. Damnit. This work thing really cuts into my free time.

  7. doesn't LOOK like 100 things.... ;) i guess 100 at a time would be a little overkill...

  8. yes but what color panties are we wearing?

  9. panties? are we suppose to wear panties? damn!

  10. So I guess "giving head" to someone laying on an overturned "sandwich board" is way out?

  11. I like:
    97. My bamboo is dying too.
    96. Sexy.
    95. Nosferatu are interesting in a non-Goth way.
    91. Sexy.
    76. I love the snow and snowboarding. I just hate driving in it.

  12. Clack,
    It's all about installments. I don't wanna overwhelm my reading peeps.

  13. LOL Amanda and Johnny. No comments from me on this one.

  14. Todd,
    There will be head giving on a sandwich board over my dead rotting corpse. EEwwww!!

  15. Eeeevil,
    I can't figure out why the hell my bamboo is dying. Any idea about yours???

  16. You always make me laaauuuugh.

    My lazy ass finally mailed that CD to you today. I hope it doesn't melt en route. I had actually misplaced it for a few days but found it last night. Let me know if it arrives okay and, if so, how you like the music.

  17. Will keep you informed, Toddsky. I can't believe I made you laugh. You, the king of all hilarity and warptitude.

  18. My least favorite word combo is "getting head" especially when a woman says it. I first heard Miranda from Sex and the City say she gives head to get head and I gagged.

    I'm soOoOoOo with you on No. 89 eventhough I've never been bunjee jumping.

  19. "I first heard Miranda from Sex and the City say she gives head to get head and I gagged."

    Is this an intentional pun?

  20. Kikhwa,
    Sex & the City was the first time I'd ever heard a woman mention getting head. Yuckkk!

    LOL@Amanda, it would make a good pun wouldn't it!

  21. Yes, Amanda. Did you like it???


  22. my bamboo is dying because apparently they require water. go figure.

  23. Thanks, Corinna!

    Evil...water does help.


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