Wednesday, July 20, 2005

100 Things About Me - Volume 2

74. I laugh at the things I say in my head.
73. I can kinda sorta speak Spanish, and I can read it pretty well. I wish I was a natural at languages like my friend Mike from Baylor.
72. One of my high school students from North Carolina sent me a letter last week and it made me cry.
71. My favorite candle scent is watermelon...with strawberry lemonade running a close second.
70. Amaretto sour is my new favorite drink.
69. I like to experiment in the kitchen. Preferably with food.
68. Maggots are probably my biggest fear. Strangely enough, I love to read non-fiction about spite of the maggots involved.
67. I have sensitive skin. And a soft heart.
66. I once kicked 15 people out of my house in high school because they got mud on my carpet.
65. I like to paint with acrylics...oils frighten me.
64. I have a tendency to giggle during massages.
63. I spent 45 minutes vacuuming my pool today.
64. I wrote a novel when I was 15, I have four others floating around in my head, and I have one started on paper (laptop actually).
63. Whilst growing up I dreamed of becoming a writer, teacher, immunohematologist, lawyer, and trapeze artist. Among other things.
62. Breakfast makes me nauseous unless I've been awake for at least an hour.
61. The first concert I ever attended was The Monkees.
62. The last concert I attended was Montgomery Gentry at a local radio station festival.
61. My nickname is Andi-Bug, but my mom calls me Poots and Poopsie, too.
60. I had braces for three years, and I gagged every time they ever took impressions.
59. I could live on Spicier Nacho Doritos, Diet Caffeine-Free Coke, and birthday cake...but I wouldn't fit into my new clothes.
58. I drove a '95 raspberry Corsica from the time I was 15 until I was 22.
57. My toenails are painted orange.
56. I prefer bedsheets in grays, blues, and other subdued solids.
55. I sleep in a Snoopy t-shirt.
54. I scored a 99% on ASVAB's technology section (the armed services' vocational ability testing thingy). They still couldn't talk me into a free education and nice wool socks.
53. I suck at checkers, but I kick ass at poker.
52. I play my own special brand of "extreme" billiards.
51. I don't know how I'll ever decide on a thesis topic. The little voice in the back of my head tells me not to worry about it until I actually start graduate school.
50. My nightstand is a graveyard for batteries, rubber bands, and wrinkle releaser spray.


  1. I like the nickname "Poots" for you.

    I addressed the CD package to Andi McBlogger.

  2. The Monkees? Man, that's reason #37 about why I really like you. I am so jealous! I can trace the roots of my whole musical life to the Monkees! And I'm jealous--I've never gotten to see them (was it the 4 of them or just 3?).

    Off-topic: can I call you Jester from now on?

  3. Think of all those wool socks (and bullets) you've missed out on. Its so sad when you were so suited...

  4. Todd,
    McBlogger....I like that. It has a snappy ring to it.

  5. Os,
    It was just three...Mike had flown the coop by then. It was really fun, and I was six...and they were already old and crusty, but it was still fun.

    You can call me Jester as soon as I get my check.

  6. Fence,
    It's really a tragedy isn't it?? I'm so fond of wool socks.

  7. i honestly don't know the mud on the carpet story, but it sounds hilarious.

  8. Wow the Monkees? I used to love them when I was little. I think my first concert was Tim McGraw. My last concert was 3 Doors Down, Nickleback and Puddle of Mudd.

    I do #74 all the time.

    #69, pray tell, what else have you experimented with in the kitchen besides food?

    I am impressed by #64. I wrote a full 3 act play when I was 10 but my (bitch) teacher said it wasn't very good. She didn't like me though. She had issues.

    I had braces twice, once for 3 years. Then about 3 years later, I had them for about 1 more year. I think I need them again.

    I lurve Snoopy!

  9. oh, also my favorite thing about army recruiters was the "free socks" routine. that cracks me up more than ANYTHING else they say, and lots of it is pretty ridiculous. "i have a full scholarship to a good university." "but we'll give you free socks!!!"

  10. #67 ... soft heart: very good trait; I'm a big softie myself although I'll deny it to the day I die

    #51 .. I wrestle with that almost daily

  11. Ooh, I had such a Monkees obsession in high school. Saw them when I was 17, and as you said, they were Mike-less.

  12. Andi, I created a poetry. blog (I sent you an e-mail) The address is


  13. we have some interesting things in common. BUT my first concert was JOHN DENVER.

  14. My first concert was the Cowsills. "Haaaaaiiiiiiirrrr!"

  15. My first concert was Night Ranger .... yeah, yeah, yeah .. go ahead and laugh ... I still do myself! LOL!!

  16. What exactly is "extreme" billlards? Seriously, if you can write down the rules I would totally try it out. I've got this image of BASEketbal in my head except with billards.

  17. Clack,
    It was when I was hanging out with Lindsey, Ashley, Kasey, Violet, blah blah. They all showed up at my house to "hang out" uninvited...along with Corey, Jared, Scott, etc. Got mud on my carpet, I got beyong pissed, they were fiddlin' around my room. Uggg! I kicked 'em all out.

  18. Heather,
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who laughs at self.

    I haven't experiemented with much in the kitchen besides food...although I've threatened to.

    Which Monkee was your favorite?

  19. Soj,
    Loved 'em! And I thought I was the only one! lol

    The socks never actually happened to me. I stole that from your Lance story. It was too good to pass up.

  20. Oh Cincy...#51. Drives me crazy.

    Thanks, Catherine! I got it! Yay!

    Corinna, Wooo! John Denver!!! Thank God I'm a country girl.

  21. Ryan,
    "Extreme" billiards is Andi-speak for, "When my balls go flyin' across the room I pretend like it was on purpose and you better getcho ass out of the way!"

  22. i KNEW it! i'm so proud that you remembered. see? some of my funny stories are worth the brain storage...

  23. Oh, CJ, your stories are sooo worth the brain storage. I have a big nostalgia story coming up (that involves Sharky) and it's really nice!


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