Sunday, July 17, 2005

All kinds of crap....

Thanks to all of those who've left good thoughts for my Mikel. We got to the hostpital around 9:30 yesterday morning and he was sitting in a chair channel surfing (good sign #1). He had been walking around....made a trip down to McDonald's (good sign #2). We took he and his mom a goody bag full of stuff to help pass the time....a hand-held Tetris game, magazines, food, etc. The biggest smile of the day came when I passed Mikel two Motorcross magazines (good sign #3). There's a possibility that they'll have to do one more exploratory surgery, but he should get to come home next week sometime. Cross your fingers and toes.

After the hospital, Mom and I went shopping and I got three more tops and she had to fight me away from the shoes with a stick. The tops:

1) A red v-neck lacy concoction that will go great with the flirty black skirt or pants...even jeans if I'm feeling funky.

2) A crimson 3/4 lenth sleeved top with a layered white ank top. So cute, so casual.

3) A turquoise, lace-trimmed camisole. I'm planning to wear it under the Marilyn top on days that I don't want my cleavage peekin' quite so much.

Thursday afternoon my department head from the college called and woke me upfrom a nap to ask if I will teach her English 1302 class tomorrow morning. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be teaching something more interesting. They're doing peer review and I get to explain MLA format--something I lightly touch on in the developmental course. I long for the days that I'm teaching regular college English. Just one more year. *gag*

As is expected, I'm neck-deep in Harry Potter and LOVIN'G IT! I was a little iffy about chapter two, for those of you who know what I'm talkin' about, but hopefully that pans out OK. I think I know who gets bumped off and that irks me!!! I talked to David about it last night and he accidentally found out who gets bumped off when he was flipping chapters. I told him we'd confer after we finish reading. I hope I'm wrong...but I don't think I'm wrong. Damn J.K. Rowling! But I love her. So conflicted.

I'm feeling short on all thoughts witty and wonderful this morning. I slept for 11.5 hours last night, so I don't think anyone can blame me. *yawn*

More later....

On TV: Major League II
Music: More important things to do.
In my head: Sleep residue.


  1. I guessed who was going to die, but i didn't think it would happen LIKE THAT. Let me know when you are done so we can chat and compare notes. I have some theories!

  2. My dear Andi ... the cleavage should always peek out. In the name of all that is holy, do it for the sake of us single lonely men.

  3. Well, I'm glad to hear that your cuz is doing good! Gives a new twist on bike riding!
    Oh, I liked your long hair!!! I think that was the longest I had ever seen it. Glad to hear you threw some more color into the new clothing, you and that darnd black!!! :)

    CJ I'm sorry that I missed you in TX. You should have been there to see Lesa 'we don't do sticky or messy'. Ben and Joshua were throwing hand fulls of rice across Tamollys!!! You would have went into labor on the spot watching Lesas' face!! Three workers ran to the table with brooms in hand, while the rice was still flying, then Ben wiped his face on Lesa's shirt, Nearly peed my panties!!!

  4. I love your writing, but whenever you use the word "cleavage" every word thereafter is a blur to me.

    When you grow weary of my pathetic attempts at cyber-flirting, just let me know. I'm not here to offend.

  5. Sounds like things are going to turn out OK for your cousin. Yay.

    If I had one, I'd give my third testicle for 11+ hours of sleep!

    Hate to ask, but did you let a little secret/mystery out?

  6. I don't see any pictures of your new threads. Why?

  7. Amanda,
    I just finished it and I had guessed correctly as well. We must chat about it because I have theories, too, and I wanna hear yours. I feel a big-ass Harry post brewing.

  8. Cincy,
    I'm demure...what can I say?

  9. Val,
    My mom is funny...she says, "Andi, your hair is not long." And I say, "For Andi, this hair is longggggg."

    I like my black! Makes me feel mysterious..and skinnier.

    Loved Lesa's face, too. I'm sure the wet wipe people worship at her feet. She's keepin' 'em in business.

  10. Toddsky,
    Your flirtage makes my day. Then I remember, I always look good from 1,000 miles away. Oh well.

  11. What mystery?? Huh? I'm lost. Must re-read my post. lol It's no mystery that someone in the HP book gets bumped off. JK Rowling has been admittin' that for a while now. And if you mean that D's name is David, I've mentioned that before, and the link to his blog is on the sidebar. I'm disappointed in you. ;o)

  12. Kikhwa,
    Been too busy with life stuff.l But I'm gettin' ready to take pics of it!

  13. How the hell did I miss that? I must be getting old...

  14. i read the whole thing yesterday. i totally agree with amanda a. there. who saw that coming that way? not i. i really kind of thought that....oh well. better not say too much more. anyway, way to go j.k. to get a group of people like us so interested in kid lit. glad your cousin is okay! let us know how he does!

  15. Os,
    I expected a big fussy to-do over it, but no one noticed. *sob*

  16. Clack,
    So what do you think of the assertion that Rowling's writing is crap?? I say it's kid lit. Not crap. Not talking of her storytelling abilities...just her grammar and technique.

  17. i think her writing is FANTASTIC. what are people talking about?? its absolutely kid lit and thank Jehovah (God) my child will have something with more literary quality than the babysitters club to read! (not knockin' the club, but you follow...)
    she's a great author. fantastic storytelling and good style. people. i swear. the only people who don't think she's a good writer are the people who have never read children's literature as a whole, and they are a sad crowd, now aren't they?

  18. Do you want a big fussy to-do? I could probably arrange something, if you'd like...

  19. i pretty much had to stop reading some of my favorite websites....(not yours was reading just didn't comment as had sooo much reading to do!!) because there were so many spoilers out there. not surprise of course..but they showed up where i least expected them!


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