Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Emotionally disturbed and eye contact deficient...

I've mentioned my joke of a night class here recently. Just to refresh you: one girl that doesn't speak and rudely avoids reading and a Korean guy with two hearing aids and the English vocabulary of a blueberry muffin.

To my utter shock, amazement, and virtual loss of bladder control, the bitchy girl e-mailed mel last Wednesday. Tuesday night she didn't refuse to read or answer, but I have never seen anyone so adept at avoiding eye contact. If I was at the board she was looking left. If I switched sides, she looked right. If I left the board completely and walked down the row, she looked at the board and copied the material. My normal 2.5 or 3 hours of material only takes about an hour and a half when no one speaks besides me. It's kinda pointless to tell my cute, amusing stories when no one gives a sheep's patoot.

Back to Wednesday's e-mail. The gist was, "I don't think I gave my full attention and I'm really sorry for that. I'm emotionally fuckered right now and I'm taking it out on everyone around me. Again, I'm really sorry."

Well! That was lovely. She's human! Could've fooled me! Did it improve her behavior and attention span in Thursday's class? Nope. I'm not that lucky.

Tonight's class will last exactly one hour because I have a book group meeting and we're ahead of schedule. Thank Jehovah (God) for small miracles.


  1. wow. but you really would think that after sending an email like that she would make SOME effort...but still. something's better than nothing!!

  2. I think she wants you. But then again, don't we all??

  3. At least she made some effort to explain why ... unless... she knows that you want participation and this is a way for her to duck that part without actually explaining why.

    Am I too cynical?

  4. Clack,
    One would think so, but maybe Fence is right...she's just doing what looks good to get some participation points out of the deal.

    Fence, you're not too cynical.

    Os, of course she does...because I'm Professor Hottie Pants.

  5. lol Os, of course that is it! She totally wants you Professor Pants So Hot They Sizzle!

  6. Next semester I'm going to enroll in one of your adult classes, but in disguise. Not that you know what I look like, but I like disguises. I'll pretend to be European and speak in a generic "catch-all" accent. So, if you see a big, tall guy with an outrageously fake looking mustache, it's probably me.

  7. Hey kiddo - blueberry muffin part made me laugh. I know the kind.

    Girl sounds like she's terrified of failure or exposure.

  8. Heather! You flatter me so. *smooches*

    Just make it British. Have you ever noticed how everyone in movies set in France speak with a British accent? Drives me nuts. Example: Ever After. I'm sure it was the only accent Drew Barrymore could eve come close to passing off.

    I'll watch for you, and you and I'll give you an A for the mustache.

  9. Dena,
    I knew you'd know the muffin man.

    As for the girl...I think she's afraid of exposure. She didn't show up tonight. Blahh!

  10. Andi,

    don't some Asian cultures have a thing about not making direct eye contact particularly with people who are in authority .. like teachers?

    Not sure any more but think I've read that somewhere. Dunno if it would apply to Koreans.

  11. she is human but also totally just making excuses! she sounds LAME

  12. Suzz,
    The no eye contact girl isn't Korean...she's just white. The Korean guy is rockin' the class. All A's so far!

  13. LOL Andi ... SORRY!! I *was* paying attention but my darn synapses misfired. Blogs are harder than emails becuz you don't have what was said in front of you.

    And it's a darn long time to remember from the blog to leave a comment!

  14. It's alright, Suzz. I know how it is. :o)


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