Saturday, July 02, 2005

An escape is in order....

I'm going to New Mexico! Why? Because I can! This morning, sitting in the Whataburger drive-through my restlessness came to a screeching, grinding,
goo-filled head. I need wide open spaces, artisticness, and something DIFFERENT, so I think I'm going to road trip it to Las Vegas, New Mexico
and Taos. I know I'll want a getaway before school starts back, so it'll be
the perfect shortish escape. It's a 10-hour drive (nothing compared to the
18-20 to NC), and I'll probably spend a few days in Las Vegas and a few days
in Taos before I drove home. I don't know if anyone is coming with me. I

kinda feel like traveling alone anyway, so my heart won't be broken if I'm
flying solo. I love traveling! Squeeeel! I'll post pictures of my possible
lodgings later.

If I can afford it, this lil excursion won't be happening until August sometime.
I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Ooh, ooh--have you read Rachel's post from yesterday? You can link it from my site. We're heading there in October. And sort of opened up the idea to everyone else, too! Can you hold out for a little while longer (anxiously awaiting reply!)? It would conflict with school, but it's Columbus Day weekend, so you could head out on Friday and miss one day....

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  3. Andi,

    I went with my son on a New Mexico trip a couple of years ago. Went to Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Taos. LOVE NM!! I had always wanted to go to Taos and it was just terrific. We drove from Calif.

    I am probably going to be going to northwest Florida sometime in the fall and am thinking about just getting on I-10 and driving all the way instead of flying .. just to be on a driving trip :)

  4. Another option--I still have a second ticket to Alison in early August. You should come to MT to get away. Trip would be a bit longer, but well worth the drive!

  5. Os, I think she was talking about the Las Vegas in New Mexico. Yes, New Mexico has the audacity to also have a Las Vegas. So, Andi could go to fake Las Vegas in August and join everyone in real Las Vegas in October. Everybody wins.

    Sorry, Andi, I wasn't trying to make plans for you, just pointing out the options.

  6. Dammit, I think you're right. Well, the invite for October is still there! BTW--you realize that your vast knowledge of Vegas will be needed for the detailed planning, don't you? We're going to want the best of everything as cheap as possible!

  7. Suzz,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed Taos. Reference Diva has spent a good bit of time there and she showed me pictures today. I soooo want to go.

    Enjoy the trip to FL if you decide to drive! Sounds tiring, but fun just the same.

  8. Oooh, NM and "real" Vegas! That sounds heavenly. I'll see what I can swing.

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  10. Oooohh, wow. I live in New Mexico, and I hardly ever hear of someone vacationing here (with the exceptions of Santa Fe and Taos). I hope you have a great time here!! :)

    "New Mexico has the audacity to also have a Las Vegas." That's gotta be the best thing I've heard all week.

  11. Storm
    I'm looking veryyy forward to it. Sounds like heaven to me!

  12. Thelma -- can I be your Louise???

  13. whats up with the thought and humor??? Is that the dude who writes fortune cookies?

  14. take me with you please. i need to get away.

  15. Storm, I have visited in Clayton .. does that count as a real NM visit? :)

  16. Amanda,
    Yes, yes you can! Come right along. We'll sleep with Brad Pitt along the way. But can we skip driving the car off the cliff?

  17. LMAO
    That did look like an anthology of fortune-cookie-isms.

  18. Corinna,
    Come along! We have room for a third. The back seat is all yours!

  19. Did you say August???? Save a few days for Albuquerque and I'll meet you there! The National Poetry Slam-0ff is in Albuquerque this year. I think it's the 8th 9th and 10th, but I'm not sure. E-mail me if you want to go. I'm planning on it anyway. In fact I may just e-mail you.


  20. OOOOHHHH .. I'm totally jealous!! You're getting to visit my homestate!!

    The mountains around Las Vegas and Taos are gorgeous. Definitely visit Eagle Nest and Santa Fe if you can.

    You have to tell Suzz that visiting Clayton doesn't count as visiting NM ... lol ... that's like visiting Albany and saying you've been to New York!!

  21. Oh you should so do it! I wish I could get away like that, maybe that's what I'll do this summer too. I need a break more than usual.

    Great idea!

  22. Amy,
    Come with me. We'll fill up with a carload and make it a rolling party.


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