Friday, July 29, 2005

In response to Thro....

I got your comment in e-mail, but have looked back at the March 1st postings and have yet to see your comment. No idea what's up with that. But anyway, I do apologize for saying my social commentaries had broken 30....I was thinking of my personal best with Jesus Freak on March 27th with 29 comments. While it may not strike you as socially important it opened up some interesting conversation (to me, anyway) about the way religion plays out in our society. I also did some posts on my beliefs on porn and feminism. Two issues close to my heart.

I guess my question is, what's your point?? Like you, I'm not trying to start an argument, I just don't exactly understand your beef. Is it the fact that HNT causes a stir while issues don't? Is it blogs in general or my blog?

I'll follow up to any comments you leave. Or anyone else can jump in for that matter. Why not!


  1. Sorry I didn't catch this until now! I think I'm steamed. Where does this guy get off dictating what we should or shouldn't be blogging about or commenting about? Are we all going to go to hell because we don't use our blogs to highlight causes? Has it dawned on him that the reason that those sorts of sites die a slow death because NO ONE WANTS TO READ THAT SHIT? I blog because it allows me to bore readers with stuff that's on my mind. I get readers because I have a bit of a humorous presentation. If I don't get readers/comments, I DON'T CARE! It's out there for public consumption. If no one consumes, it's no big deal!

    HNT, FBF, Go Fug Yourself, Snarkywood--these are the amusement parks of Bloggerworld. If I want to go there, then who the fuck is this guy to make me feel guilty about it? If I go to one of his "important" sites and leave a comment, will the world be a better place? FUCK NO!!! I'm on the internet to get away from "real life". Have a parade, or a bake sale, or a speech attended by 13 people. Your causes are a hard sell in the real world--why would you expect it to be different in Bloggerworld?

    If these sites are so important, then why the hell was he scoping out your boobs? Keep the fuck out of HNT. We don't want your condescending, holier-than-thou attititudes. Go peddle your guilt someplace else. It ain't welcome around here!

  2. Just went to his site and this is his most recent post:

    Thursday, July 28, 2005
    Check this out, this is what I discovered.

    Your Porn Star Name is: Hairy Manilow
    posted by ThrO192 at 10:24 PM 0 comments

    What a fucking asshole!

  3. Osbas. . whatever the fu** -

    Your absolutely right, that was my most recent post. Did you read the 15,000 words before that? Did you get far enough into any of the other posts to see the questions where I specifically ask for reader commentary? Probably not or you would have commented I am assuming, that is if you understood the issue.

    My point, and I actually said that I didn't want to offend anyone with both entries, was that it is a little odd and a little sad that no one seems to care about anything real anymore. This blog is not unique in that, nor is it a minority.

    This isn't just a blog issue either. This is a national issue. 70 freakin percent of America thinks that there were Iraqi's involved as hijackers on 9/11.

    The common person can't even tell you how many Supreme Court Justices there are and this is their country for Pete's sake.

    I was actually looking to try to get some opinion on this subject from a different forum than normal. It does not help the case or make things look any better for people to explode randomly and launch into vicious rants on a computer similar to what my 12 year old cousin does when their fragile world is challenged.

    I am hoping that someone . . . anyone . . . will be able to have an opinion about this that isn't phrased as an insult towards me.

  4. I'm thinking about stalking you.

  5. Thro,
    I will tell you, I know how many justices there are, and I've seen Fahrenheit 9/11 so I know plenty about the non-Saudi bombers. I choose not to talk about it here. I know the people from real life reading this that I'd have to juggle if I spewed my opinions about many political issues, and I just avoid the whole thing.

    I choose to express my beliefs on a great many issues differently in "real life" than I do on my blog. The "about me" section explains that this blog is all about ME! Otherwise it would be named "Andi's Social Conscience." I have too many things going on in my head other than politics right now to zero in on those things. You don't know me you wouldn't know that.

    I think the reason I was offended at first, and the reason Os is offended, is because no matter how nice you try to make your post, it still feels like a big fat attack from you. You're basically saying most of the bloggerworld is flippant and flighty. That may be your perspective, but remember, people don't let all their shit hang out online. Some of us choose to keep more important things to ourselves and have fun with blogging. As I recall, your blog has a lot of lighter things about your personal life as well as your political leanings, etc, so I'm sure to some degree you can understand.

    How was that?? I thought that was very calm. :o)

  6. Chunk,
    Me, Os, or Thro?? YOu've gotta be a little more specific. :oP

  7. Oops, typo: that should've been non-Iraqi bombers. The bombers were Saudis but no one would report that because the Bushes are in bed with them. Carry on!

  8. Is it wrong of me to defend him by saying he is just a child? I don't want to offend him by saying that but he is young and can't seem grasp the concept of a diary, entertainment, or that there is a time and place for everything.

    Hairy Manilow~

    Understand just because myself or others flash a little boobage now and again gives no insight to who we are in the real world.

    As for myself, I have written probably over a hundred letters to businesses and members of our government either in condemnation or praise of the way they practice. I was very active in the last election because of ME people who wouldn't have voted did. I am an activist. I am aware. We are aware. But we aren't nitwits that have to advertise it in everything we do. This comes with maturity in time you will understand.

    Last but not least go check out Tigerita. Not only is she hella sexy. But her social commentary could blow yours out of the freaking water any day.

    You can find her here:

  9. Thro, dear, let me say that having known Andela for some (how old are we?) twenty years now (good lord, i might die), I can assure you that she knows what is going on in the world, even if her political opinions are, alas, somewhat skewed (had to throw that in there, del! You know I love my Georgey). Of all the people for you to pick on, this is not the one. Perhaps the problem is that you don't know the people you're talking to. You assume that what they put on their blog page is the sum total of their personality. I assure you, this is not true. Few of us, and I would venture to say that you are included in the number, have invested our entire lives and personalities into the vaguely defined hobby of "blogging". it is just one facet of otherwise extremely varied lives. It is a narrow person with little judgement who thinks that someone can be entirely judged based on a few off-colored, flippant, or even uncaring comments made on a temporary webpage in a self-created world. I'm sure you'll agree, if you are putting any real thought into it, which you clearly have not as of yet. I would do that, were I you.

  10. just kidding...trying to make light of the situation but as everyone touched on, I think that what thro doesn't understand is that if we wanted to argue politics, our views or talk about the heart wrenching crap that is going on in our world these days we will do it off line in our personal lives. Blogging is a fun way to socialize without having to get too heavy. A way to release and not touch on the very important things going on in the world today. I refuse to put any political or top line news issues into my blog. Why would I want to? I get enough of that in real life. Blogging is fun and I want to keep it that way...Oh and by the way, I know how many supreme court justices there are! woo hoo, I'm smart!

  11. So now all of our blogs should only contain insightful posts related to social issues?

    Excuse me, but I get enough of that in my daily life. It is everywhere I turn, on the news, in the paper, in discussions throughout the day. I am up to my eyeballs in erudite commentaries on the bombings in Britain and floods in India and troops and civilians dying in Iraq. The majority of my blogging, and the blogs I read, have absolutely nothing to do with social issues and I like it that way. This is a quiet respite from the issues we all face everyday, the issues we are bombarded with everytime we open a newspaper or click on a web site.

    So social commentary on my blog? Probably not going to happen. Especially since I can't imagine anyone giving a damn about my opinions on the above mentioned topics anyway. In closing, if you don't appreciate or care to read what someone has posted on their blog, there is a "Next" button at the top, fucking click it and quit bitching.

  12. one more note, thro: good for those folks who have dedicated their blogs to the issues that are, in your humble opinion, "important". that is just admirable, and i'm sure we all agree that we're glad they're out there. Do you know why we're glad? not because of the issues themselves, but because those people are blogging about what THEY want to blog about- exercising their God given right to freedom. Thankfully, Andi does that too. Every day. OKay, now i'm done.

  13. man, obasso's a meanie. i'm scared of you! hehe. j/k

    many of the blogs in bloggerdom are personal blogs, more in the style of online journals. i prefer reading those because i like reading about peoples' lives.

    one reason why a lot of political/social commentary blogs don't make it is because either 1) the writing style isn't that great or 2) they don't post often enough. we can't all run blogs like Atrios or Daily Kos or some of the other political big names.

    there's a niche for everyone.

    i don't think andi needs to explain herself or her blog posts. if someone finds it odd or sad, then move along.

  14. the best thing about blogging is that there is no pressure on you to read it, or believe it. if it doesn't suit you, you can move right along.

    i agree with LE.. there is a niche for everyone, just like there is a 'Next Blog' button too.

  15. With all the different views, opinions, "news stories" who knows what is truly real. The joy of blogging is finding something to read that is NOT "the real deal" something to take your mind off the tragedies and put a little light in your day. In fact, I look forward to HNT because no matter what, I'm bound to find something worth chuckling about. I write whatever I want on my blog, though boring more often than not, its my blog. If I want politics there are thousands of blogs, newsites, etc i can head for. If I want something to just piddle around with and not have to care, this is the place to do it. Like S! said, there is a reason for the Next Blog button, if its not something you want to read, click away. Perhaps the reason that political blogs get passed over is that at some point (for me at least) you get sick of hearing negative news, ranting about goverment, and trauma in the world. There is only so much you can read in a day and I want a portion of mine to be mindless.

  16. I'm sorry, but I love this shit! Really. As everyone else said...this is your blog. You can do whatever the fuck you want. And if Thro don't like it, then he can get out (southpark reference for those who don't know).

    These are so much fun to read!!! And I think your blog has some pretty cool stuff on it! I don't normally comment - I'm more of a silent reader on yours, but will now make it a point to comment on all posts regardless of content!

  17. I have everyone know my "Free Tibet" post, sandwiched between my "Lesbian Rodeo" post and "I Liked Lindsay Lohan When She Had Da Boobies" post, received 73 comments. Of course, 71 of those were from the Dali Lama. The other two? One was mine, saying "Okay, Lama, enough. We get it."

    The other was from Peter Griffin: "Free Tibet? I'll take it. Hello...China? I have something you might be interested in, but it'll cost you. That's right, all the tea."

  18. Thro, I went to your site, to stimulate my brain and get my intelligent level up-to-snuff for the day, but that black backgroung and white/green lettering, I'm sorry but my eyes were crossing. If it didn't take thirty minutes to read, I might have been able to suffer thru. As for Andi as a REAL person, she is one of the most well rounded individuals I have ever known. I am her REAL LIFE friend from the REAL world, and she is one to never stop absorbing information, our political views differ, we both know that, so why open a can of worms for everyone to bicker about. I'm the one that asked for her BOOBS last, and she provided!!! Thanks Andi, great pic, loves the shirt and boob. It is a good thing that my blog is only set up so I can comment here cause it would be full of baby poop boogers cats and the life of a house wife!!! Roll on with the humor girlfriend I happen to love it!!

  19. Andi, we read you because we enjoy your blog, in any way you want to blog it!

    My two cents (with some change back)
    Who is anyone to tell someone else how or what to blog about... just like TV, if you don't like the content, change the channel...

  20. Thanks to everyone for the great, supportive posts! Gold stars all around!!!

    I'll be back in a bit with more postage.

  21. OK,
    Now that I've watched a movie and vegetated, I can really answer comments.

    Amen to everyone in general. If I don't mention everyone individually, forgive ass is draggin'.

    Clack, are you saying I'm off-color?? *gasp*

    FunkyBee, I almost blew a gasket from the "I like Oranges" comment. Blessings on your head.

    Rachel, I might need to make your bunny my profile pic for a bit.

    LE, Os was terribly gruff and scary wasn't he??? I think I like it.

    Amanda, welcome out from lurkdom! Thanks for popping up to say 'ello, and I hope you'll do it more often!

    Todd, you crack me up, but you already know that, so I won't bore you.

    Val! Ninja mommy! You rule me!

  22. Hey Oxie, if my age is an issue for you then you must be someone who is approaching middle age and deals with maybe a younger boss or some scenario like that? I'm sorry that in your world age equates to intelligence or wisdom or some such. Thank God I don't live there.

    I asked for an opinion on a specific topic and some people deigned to provide an answer. Others remained silent. No one asked about your opinion on whether or not I was old enough to attend the knitting circle.

    Thank you Andi for your response.

  23. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OHHH Oxie...i think you've ruffled the kids feathers!! That's hilarious. I for one thought your comment was probably dead on center. That's hilarious......

  24. i LOVE (not) the assholes who have been blogging for like a month (found one the other day i should of book marked it) who go off on what to do and what not to do with blogging.
    blogging is totally personal..if i don't like i don't read it. i don't leave stupid comments telling people what they should and shouldn't do.

  25. Andi, which part of your social concience are you going to photograph for next HNT?

  26. Thro~

    Personally age is nothing but a number. I said nothing about a numerical age I just said you are young. You could be 30 and I would say the same thing. There are people younger then me that are more mature and intelligent then there are people that are older then me that I have a leg up on. It is all relative.

    The way I phrased my words were meant to reflect the way you worded your post to Andi, maybe you should reread it. You get what you give in my world. And it would do you some good to learn not to jump to conclusions.

    And if you knit you are welcome to join the knitting circle just don't tell me what project to pick out next, um kay?


    Oh and my ASS is next for HNT! But it's all for a good cause, come check it out!


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