Friday, July 08, 2005

Love Letter....

or how about....

On TV: Fahrenheit 9/11. I hated Bush even before the Dixie Chicks, so it's just a little fuel on the fire.
Music: Miranda Lambert...Kerosene. Fitting isn't it?
Reading: The Soul of Sex.
In my head: Water.


  1. I prefer the Patriot Act one.

    Did you actually model these and then Photoshop out your head and arms? In other words, are those your boobies? Please say yes! (even though I know better...)

  2. Good way to start the day, Andi! I hated Bush from the time he was unelected and had the Supremes appoint him to lead the junta. They should've stayed in Motown. LOL ..

  3. Yes please.


    Thank you.

  4. LMAO, Suzz. I hated him back from the time he was governor. I did some research into hate crimes, and specifically the dragging death of a black man that sparked some potential legislation. Bush's reaction to the man's family in a meeting on the legislation was downright cold, assholey and racist. That was my first real dislike.

  5. Here ya go Stella...

  6. I LOVE Bush!!!

    The pussy, noy the president.
    Ah, Harold and Kumar was a stroke of retarded genius.


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