Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More news....

I keep forgetting all this news!

I was workin' away like there's some future in it yesterday when Rachel called. That was odd in itself since Rachel rarely calls me at work. All she said was, "Hi, make sure your doors are locked."

Me: "Huh?"

Rachel: "Make sure your car is locked. Gabe's truck just got broken into."

Me: "OKBYE!" *scampers out the back door with keys in hand*

The reason she felt the need to call me about this little development is because the employee parking lot at the 'brary backs up to the Sherwin Williams parking lot where her hubby works in the morning and Hondas are oft broken into (my car is sexy...I'm not surprised). I got to work a tad late yesterday, and I always look over to see if Gabe's truck is at work, and it was all fine at the time.

Rachel came by later after she drove over to take care of the police report. Gabe's not much for questions and digging, and Rachel's a loud-mouth like me, so she took care of it. The crackhead dickless thieves popped out his back window and took his crossovers (don't work without the speakers), the box, and they tried to get the amp and the stereo out of the dash, but they failed. They even found the face plate of the stereo under the truck as if the little rope suckers had gotten spooked and dropped it.

They still have the boxes from all the stereo equipment so all the pawn shops in the area will be tipped off if the crackheads decide to pawn it. The cop told Rachel that's unlikely since most of this stuff usually sits and rots away in the crackhouses (which apparently G'ville has a lot of for a small town). Yay!

I went over to the office and talked to Rachel at lunch, caught up on a number of interesting happenings that have taken place since the last time we rapped, and it turned out to be a good visit despite the unpleasantness of the day.

On TV: Ellen
Music: Kerosene (Miranda Lambert)
Reading: Plainsong (Kent Haruf)

P.S. Rachel and Gabe are thinking of buying a house and I'm pea green with envy.


  1. People who break into cars should be shot in the face with a large handgun. Crime is one of the few issues where a conservative side shows in me.

  2. I'm with ya. I have a fry 'em attitude toward everything.

  3. lets hope the stereo blows up in their faces

  4. AMS,
    They think they may have found the stuff today! Yayyy!


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