Friday, July 01, 2005

A most important decision...

Alright my me decide.

A) I should leave the dark lady as my profile pic because she's my trademark.

B) I should keep my own head or other parts as my profile pic.



  1. First of all, what other body parts are we talking about?

    Seriously, I vote for your actual face. You're too cute to keep under wraps.

    I use "cute" instead of "hot" because I don't want you to think I'm a perv. Is it working?

  2. money shot...i mean head shot.

  3. YNH hit the nail on the head--depends on which parts you're talking about.

    You already know I'm a perv, so I'll say it--you're hot. That having been said, I vote for dark lady, BUT only if you gratuitously sprinkle your blog with copious amounts of pictures of yourself. Seriously, shouldn't be keeping yourself under wraps like you have been! There's no reason that you should. Unless you're an international hitman, or something like that.

    Didn't you once allude to a story about the dark lady?

  4. YNH! Thank you for your vote. You plan is working. I don't think you're a perv yet!

  5. Interesting angle, Os. I'll take it into heavy consideration.

  6. Well, as this blog is about you and not the Dark Lady, I would vote in favorite of YOU.

    You are a lot cuter to look at too ;)

  7. Head shot for sure...says the girl who doesn't use her pic for her profile....

  8. I really loved the old one but head shots are good too! Keep it on rotation

  9. Purely on the basis that everyone else voted for your on face, I'm going to say the dark lady. She'll feel so neglected and unpopular if no one liked her.

    Yes, we are a bit crazy today, thanks for asking.

  10. Hmmm, I'm still deciding. I don't know if I can stand looking at myself this much.

  11. ammmm i too late???

    this is a selfish desision...but because i just changed my photo am now going under my REAL name and not my site name..i think YOU should have your REAL photo!

    it is a sweeeeeet photo!


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