Thursday, July 14, 2005

Never cease to be amazed...

Strange days, my lovelies. Should we start with trauma or trifles? Trauma...why not.

My "little" cousin Mikel is 14 and prone to accidents. He races motorcycles, he skates, he plays sports. He's broken his collar bone at least three times, he's had a concussion or two, and now he's almost disemboweled himself.

Yesterday he was on his way home, riding his bike with some friends, and he hit a rock or a pothole or something of the sort. He and the bike flew and skidded, and somehow a handlbar twisted around royally tearing his abdominal muscle and going right on through into his abdomen. Insides were on the outside. Somehow, he managed to call his mom on his cell phone to come get him (he was calm!) and he was later careflighted to Parkland's trauma center. He's had surgery, he's on morphine, and everything looks to be fine. He'll be in the hospital for 4-5 days. Much to my horror and total pissoffedness, Mom and I can't get over to Parkland until Saturday. I've always been really close to Mikel just as his dad (my brother-like cousin) is close to me. I was scared shitless to say the least. We've forbidden him to EVER drive.

In the wake of all this, I embarked upon some major retail therapy today. I'm beginning to look like a beach-bum-frump, so I hit some 70% off sales today and came away with quite a haul for a mere $120.

Black cropped "dressy" pants with satin ribbon-like belt
Black pin-striped cropped "dressy" pants with purple satin ribbon-like belt
Swishy skirt, knee length, with the cutest non-girly but still sexy piping and "not ruffly" but a ruffle at the bottom (I'll take a pic)
Black "Jackie O" top..slightly off the shoulder.

My favorite, because it makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe, is a black top with plunging neckline, sleeveless, does a wrappy thing in the front and hides all my problems while making my waist and the girls look FANTASTIC. It's black with turquoise funky leafy print. And I'm not one to waste my first tan in a zillion years, so this works nicely with it.

Shoes: one pair of flat "thong style" sandals to replace my others. The thong part is encrusted in shiny black, but not gaudy beads.

And the other piece that throws me over into 100% Marilyn: Black wedge heels, strappy, black with white polka dots. Oh my fucking heavens, I can hardly stand myself.

And I've decided to chop my hair off, get it straightened, and dye it auburn with chunky blonde streaks.

I do this occasionally. The full-on makeover thing. You needn't be worried. I'll post pics.

On TV: Friends
Music: Rebecca Lynn Howard
Reading: The Soul of Sex (almost finished)
In my head: My bod.


  1. Andi, you just commented on my blog and seemed angry.

    I wish you would come to Vegas 'cause that would about double the number of cool people here.

  2. LOL, no I wasn't angry. Just messin' witcha.

  3. Good. You are an important ally in the war against stupidity.

  4. OMG I wanna go shopping!!

  5. Well, I'll be the first to make some sort of comment showing that I'm concerned about your cousin. Hope everything got put back right! I'm sure he'll enjoy the morphine!

    Now that you're a photographer, be sure to get all the clothes. Especially that plunging neckline one! We all want to see the tan work too! Don't know if I'm crazy about the hair thing, but who am I to judge?

  6. Holy crap. That's an accident and a half. Still at least eventually he'll have a scar to display to all his friends

  7. Thanks Os, and I doubt there'll be a pic of me in the plunging neckline. I'm just not that charitable. lol

  8. Fence,
    True enough. His luck appears to be like that of his father. His dad had his back seat pooped in by a drunk on his first day of work in downtown Dallas. A story that will go down in family history.

  9. fantastic. destined to be a zeke. you remember him from alds.? one of those people who will insist on having a major accident every time they engage in a normal activity. Hope he is all better soon!!!

    R is here for a visit. :) last sister visit before the kid! very exciting.

    Your clothes sounds awesome. can't wait to see the makeover!

  10. What a bad accident, Andi! Glad he came through it. Now his Mother needs to think about killing him :))

  11. Typing in letters like that is RIDICULOUSLY ANNOYING! So is the dancing Napoleon avatar too, actually. And the part about the kid tearing his guts out on his handlebars made me dick shrivel up. Gross.

  12. Jacob,
    I doubt you have a dick. Run along.

  13. any old excuse will do, right Jake?

    Andi, how do you attract these weirdos?

  14. Maybe the shriveling dick is because it is allergic to him sleeping with his cousins.

    Probably runs in the family too. Retard.

  15. Hope you're daredevil cousin gets better soon.

    Shopping is very therapeutic. The dressy pants and the Marilyn top sound so awesome. Click and post already! click and post!

  16. very sorry to hear about your cousin. being accident pron is something that really takes some learning to deal with!
    the rest sounds great man. i always have to change my WHOLE look every now and then. expensive but fun as fuck!

  17. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. It's much appreciated.

  18. Plunging necklines rawk. Go you!

  19. Cactus Prick...

    Thanks! Nicve pic! Where did you come from?


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