Saturday, July 23, 2005

No ZzzZZZzzz's for the Weary

It's official. I can't sleep. I lounged around in bed having wonderful thoughts, drifted off, and then a noise at the neighbor's house scared the stuffing out of me, and now I can't go back to sleep. It's 1:54AM. I'm going to be such a Medusa-bitch tomorrow. It might be the day to revolt against all that is considered holy at work and wear jeans tomorrow. And tennis shoes. Screw 'em.


We've now reached the hour when GAC starts running commercials, and while MTV is actually playing music, it's all rap. I can't relax to rap. The urge to shake what my mama gave me is too strong. None of the cheese movie channels are playing anything good. Why couldn't they have one of my comfort movies on like Resident Evil or Deep Blue Sea? Well, there is Jaws (one of them), but that's not the same. The shark is too plastic.

Someone club me.


  1. By "club me", do you mean whisk you away to a happenin' night spot, buy you a drink and watch you shake what your mama gave you?

    No problem.

  2. You got it. The more amaretto sours the better.

  3. I LOVE Deep Blue Sea. Mr. Jackson in particular :)

  4. consider yourself clubed.

    i hope you got some sleep!!

  5. ok, so yer saying Resident Evil and Deep BLue Sea are comfort movies? Whatever happened to nice relaxing wholesome movies like Evil Dead or Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

  6. Me too, Fence. And that squirrely guy that was in Good Will Hunting...that got plastered up against the glass.

    You're a peach! I'm definitely caught up on my sleep now.

  7. Saucy,
    It's a delicate balance. There has to be an "eeww" factor, but not too high. Medium amounts of gore.

  8. Andi, those are some awesome evil eyebrows. What's that in your hair?

    I've been sleeping like a baby lately. Must be all the masturba...warm milk I drink.

  9. Denaroo,
    My hair was up on top of my head in a rubber band...the colorful thing you're seeing is the towel holder behind me.

    I must try some of that masturba-milk. Sounds like it works like a charm.


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