Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Poppin' Fresh

Check out this Entertainment Weekly article from Stephen
King on pop culture. King can always make me smile,
even if I'm reading about someone's head falling off. That's
not the case here...I just thought I'd mention it.

More later when I'm outta the hole.


  1. that is a good one. i've never forgotten that quote of his i found in high school: "People say I have no heart, but its simply not true. i have the heart of a young boy....on my desk...."
    or something just a few words different from that. I've always thought that was a fantastic line.

  2. Thanks for sharing. King is a cool guy.

  3. Clack,
    I had forgotten all about it, but now I remember the joy that is that quote! Pure gross brilliance I tell you!

  4. April,
    King is great...even if I haven't read any of his books in 10 years. ha!

  5. Hiiii Andi.

    Been lurking, wandering, a bit of here and there.

    Im somewhat scatterbrained this week but i heart this blog.

  6. I commented. Called Pete a "petetard" hahaha!

  7. Thank you, JohnBoy. I heart your blog too. Added you to my magical listy list.

    Have you been sniffin' Oz's puppy breath again? That was stupid. Forget I said it. My late night humor is not up to par.


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