Friday, July 01, 2005

Rain Dance

Texas is one hot mother. This morning at 9:30 I checked the book drop outside the 'brary and I swear to you it was at least 98 degrees and sticky-steamy. The 30
yard trek to the book drop was punctuated by intolerable sweating and heat-stroke-induced nausea. My hair went from sweet, polite curls to Diana Ross's alien
love child in a matter of mere seconds.

Two short hours later the mighty man upstairs is pissin' his love down in
the form of a torrential downpour. We all get a little crazy here in the 'brary when the rain comes. We do little dances of joy and wander outside just before the dam breaks to stare up at the sky and do our best toothless-rednecks-on-the-news-after-a-tornado impressions:

Well, I was standing out in ma yard when I seen this big thang come out the sky and suck my trailer right up. *scratch balls now*

Did I mention that the library is made mostly of windows? That adds a little extra zing to a day's work knowing a ball of lighting might come down on the head and fry your insides like a side of bacon. Never say librarians don't risk life, limb, and sanity to make knowledge available to the masses.

Oooh, I think I hear 60 mph winds. This day can't get much better.

Oh, and as an aside, the Normans are here. I've already been loved and it's not even noon.


  1. At your library the Normans are the "special" folks. At our library the Normans refer to the 500 Mormons that flood the library to eat. Cheers to Normans everywhere!!!

  2. By 9:30 this morning here, the valley was having a nasty-ass lightning storm, while those of us up on the hill were basking in the sunlight. That was sorta cool.

    If you don't like the humidity, you should move up here. It can rain for three days, and as soon as the clouds leave, the relative humidity drops to about 20%. All summer! Of course your skin dries up and cracks and you walk around looking like a leper, but by golly your hair stays straight!

  3. I don't miss the humidity, or as we so charmingly called it back home, "Hotter than horse pussy" weather.

    You're welcome.

  4. This culture gap- When i first read "Normans" I vaguely wondered why there were knights in armour over from France in your library ;)

    Then my brain looked at me funny and I rejoined reality

  5. I like the redneck describing the tornado ... I found myself the other telling someone "Boy, I'll tell you what ..." ... I nearly choked on my own tongue when I realized I had said it

  6. LOLLL, Amanda! I've never seen that many Normans in one place!

  7. Os,
    Sounds like heaven to me! I'm on my way! I can handle the leper part as long as my hair is good.

  8. I could've done without that visual for the rest of my life. But it was effective!

  9. Fence,
    I depend on you to remind me of these cultural hiccups. I love 'em!

  10. LMAO, Cincy! I say "get ahold of" often. I drive myself crazy with that one.

  11. Sometimes I'll say "I figure.." as in "I figure I'll go to the casino later." I don't say it as much as I used to, but I still refer to all soft drinks as Coke, as in "I'll have a Coke, too. Make it a diet Mr. Pibb." That I refuse to change.

  12. I was just thinking about the "coke" thing today. I was sitting in our break room wondering who restocks the Coke machine when really it's a Dr. Pepper machine, but we all know anything carbonated is a Coke. A curse on anyone who says different.

  13. Where I come from, people refer to any clear carbonated drink as "Seven" and any brown carbonated drink as "Coke." Hey at least there's a distinction.


  14. Awww, y'all Coke ain't redneck! Now redneck is calling it all Pop.

    "Yeah, I'll have a pop with that! Can I have a pop out of the fridge? That pop tastes flat."

    Andi, humidity here in NC is a bitch too. My too straight hair doesn't curl, but it sure tries. It just likes to stick out in every direction! We had one of those storms too. Ours was at night though, maybe it was the same one?

  15. Seven! Hmm...that's interesting! Never heard that take on it.

  16. Heather,
    It usually takes two days for a storm to get from TX to NC, but it could've been a fast-movin' one. lol The humidity is def one thing I don't miss about NC.

  17. i love librarys i should try and get a job there i would love my own bookstore but chapters would whore it up and make it go out of business i bet. jerks and fuckers.

    oh no does that mean you changed the p photo back....i will have to read some more..not like i wasn't going to anyway.

  18. Corinna,
    I made the decision to change it back for now. I can't stand looking at myself that much. :oD I'll put my pic back up periodically, though.


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