Friday, July 29, 2005

A Star Is Born

On this day 20-some-odd years ago (because it's already midnight in Dena's part of Canada) there was born a wee babe that would someday change my life forever even though she lives a buttload of miles away in a whole 'nother country and I've never met her face to face.

I "met" Dena in an online book discussion group in 2001 and I've considered her a friend ever since. With all silliness aside, I admire her deeply for her razor-sharp wit, overwhelming intelligence, and her ability to pick great nicknames that make me giggle. I've enjoyed raving and ranting, laughing and poking fun, and discussing everything under the sun all these many four years, and I hope I have another many years discussing with her. She makes me want to be a better writer, a better reader, and a better, more interesting, thoughtful person.

Happy Birthday, Dena! May everything good rain down on you.

Note: I'm leaving this post at the top because it's Dena's birthday alll dayyy.


  1. Geez, Andi, you actually made me all choked-uppy :))) This is so sweet and thoughtful of you. Thank you a million times, My Sugar Andi!

    Now send your real gift to . . .

    Love you! :)

  2. And I return all those sentiments. I'm lucky to have found such a good friend out in the bowels of cyberspace. You rule me.

  3. Smooches and squishy hugs all around!

    Much love, DenaLouAnn. I got all teary writing it. And I'll send your Wise and Foolish Virgins back as a gift. :oD

  4. Andi, and the picture is gorgeous.

    Don't send Wise and Foolish back! If anything, I'd like the cover art because I love it. Love the book, too, but pass it on to someone you think would enjoy it.

    I wonder when Don Hannah is going to get off his lardass and write another book.

  5. Oh my God, Andi - check out the new cover art for a reissue of TWaFV

  6. lovely post and what a nice tribute to your friend! She's lucky to have you...

  7. Happy Birthday Dena!

    Hurry up and post about your birthday on your blog so I can sing you a song.

  8. That was nice Andi! Much better than what you did for me on MY birthday!

    Seriously (and I don't know why I'm writing it here..), I think I stumbled upon the both of you at the same time, and I've felt humbled ever since. I am in awe of what flows from your keyboards. Makes me realize what a mental midget I really am. I hope the two of you do meet face to face someday. I think that would be a great day! And be sure to take your camera and, well, you know where I'm going with that.....

  9. Oh, yeah--HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENA!!!

    Yeah, I'll say it on hers too.

  10. Bon anniversaire Dena !
    (I'll post in English more often I think.)

  11. A surprise birthday party for Dena!! Cool idea, Andi! LOL ..

    Happy Birthday, Dena. You're the best!

  12. Happy Biday Dena...

    Oh and thanks for the link Andi.

  13. Dena,
    The new cover art is GREAT! I love the old one, but the new one is even fabulouser, and I can say that because I know it's not a real word.

  14. Os,
    Don't make me make a shrine to your new haircut.

  15. Thanks everyone!

    Look, I'm replying on Andi's blog before my own. That's 'cause Andi was so sweet to post this. Again, Anderlicious, thanks.

    Kikhwa, I saw your song and oy'at basimta raba. Juliana Jendo sucks my dolma, but you can make her shine like a dava. Oh, or as you might say, dawa. Chee bayanakh raba, yalta! LOL! That's my imitation Assyrian accent.

    Urmi all the way!

  16. Hi there - I also met my best friend on line so I had to stick my big nose in this conversation and say happy birthday!

    My best friend and I, though still too far away, live close enough that we've been able to get together a few times face to face. It's always GREAT! I hope you two get to meet someday. I can feel the love! :)

  17. Os, my online-related fantasy is to meet all my fabulous book friends. And that mountain of people is topped by Andi and Suzz and Sojo and the absent Fence, ya know. They're both wonderful people. I am not worthy of the diseased microbes that live in their pooh.

    Thanks, guys for all your comments. R, Sojo, Suzz, Cask, Os. Hope I didn't miss anyone.

  18. Clew, thanks! I'm flying Andi up to Canerdia for back bacon and a steaming bowl of Maple Syrup Smarties candies and Tim Horton's TimBits Soup.

  19. Andi, I like the original cover art because it's sassy. I had a Virgin Mary nightlight some years ago that disappeared in the hands of my demented uncle. It got lost in the rubble of his home after he got sick. I loved that thing.

  20. that post was so nice and so thoughtful. you both sound like amazing girlfriends to eachother!!


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