Saturday, July 09, 2005


I got an e-mail from Joshilyn Jackson!!! Oh my GAD!! For those of you who haven't been listening to me, Joshilyn Jackson is the author of a new book, gods in Alabama, which I am currently reading.

All of this excitement started when I was reading her blog, Faster Than Kudzu, and felt moved to comment on a post in which JJ gave a link to the "Which Book are You?" quiz. I always come up Watership Down or Owen Meany (gag), blah blah.

She e-mailed and thanked me for takin' a chance on a new author's book, said a bit about Owen Meany and Irving's work (I'm a Cider House fan). It was sweet of her to e-mail.

I've e-mailed a few authors...gotten responses from all I've tried: Anita Diamant, and I've had e-mail and phone conversations with Donna Cross, author of Pope Joan. She was really nice...did a phone interview for an article I was writing.

If you think I'm lame, lick my crack. Authors are my celebs!


  1. Only because it's early, and you'd expect me to say something like this, even though it's really against my nature to be rude/crude like this:

    "I don't think you're lame, but can I just lick your crack, anyway?"

    Thank you, racing fans....

  2. Os never disappoints.

    My heroes have always been cocktail waitresses.

  3. dude, that just makes me LOVE this place even more...i will likely even love YOU soon...or blogger stalk you or something. Authors are the best. authors lots of them have saved my life man.

  4. oh and if it isn't obvious im not talking about self help authors either. (not that they can't write good books!!)

  5. Too cool! JJ seems like she would be fun to know. Her humor just bites you on the ass! I lurve her blog.

  6. Os,
    Run for cover! I'm about to throw rocks!

    I bet you're a great tipper.

  7. LOL, I agree, Heather. That's a good way to describe her humor. If I was that funny I'd be laughin' at myself all the time. And people would stare.

  8. I think having a healthy obsession with authors is much better than the people who idolize actors and artists. At least authors rely on intelligence and style instead of looks or a snappy chorus.

    P.S. I bartend, and cocktail waitresses are my heroes. Constantly harassed, always busy, yet time and again they come back and kick some ass! Oh, and the hotness...can't forget about the hotness...

  9. Thanks, R. I couldn't be a cocktail waitress. I'd rip off some nuts on my first night on the job.

  10. I think thats part of the fun, but to each their own


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