Friday, July 01, 2005

Strange Days (And Nights)

My ex called. Not the "I'm a lying whore" ex, the ex before that. He wasn't really an ex, though, but it takes some of the explanation out of it. He popped up and called out of the blue last night. It was good to know he's not dead. Nothing had really changed, it seems, except me. And I'm soooo very changed. He told me I'm smarter than him (no shit), and I hope he isn't reading this right now and getting offended (I'm just nice that way). But not nice enough not to talk about him here, apparently. When we said g'ybe he said he was going to wank. I guess my sexy Texas twang is just too much for some of them (even though he's from Texas and should be immune). Even when I'm discussing moving and dog poop. I bow to my own oratorical powers.


  1. Moving? You're moving? You discuss shit like that with him before telling us? We're hurt by that...

    And am I just tired, or did I miss a post regarding the "I'm a lying whore" story? Are you a "lying whore"?

    Too many questions for this early in the AM. Someday I need to hear your voice and check out the oratorical powers for myself!

  2. I'm surprised that Os didn't make a joke about "oral powers" instead of oratorial powers. Yer fallin down on the job OS!

  3. Os,
    Calm yourself. I've already moved. I'm not moving again. I moved before I started this blog.

    I'll see about putting up an audio post, but I'm sure you would all lose any respect you had for me in the first place.

  4. Johnny,
    I had a creme filled Krispy Kreme donut and chocolate milk. Otherwise known as lard in a bag and a bottle.

  5. Amanda! Don't give him any ideas!

  6. Amanda--As I mentioned, it was early in the morning. But that's not much of an excuse, is it? I'm sorry. I dropped the ball. I'll try to not let that happen again!
    Andi--I "met" a Richardson girl at a church camp during HS. I was putty in her hands from the first time I heard her say her first words to me--"Do y'all mind not staring...?" While church camp can't compare to band camp, it was a great week! You're voice would be like the trumpets sounding from Heaven!

  7. Wooo! Richardson! They've got a great Half-Price Books!!! :oD


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