Sunday, July 24, 2005


It's Sunday. The day of rest. I've been in a bad mood for three days. Any normal person would probably realize that when in the bitchiest mood imaginable cleaning out the pool is not a good idea. Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while know how much I loooove our above-ground pool. It's my heaven. My oasis. My escape from the mindless fucks at the library. The pool has started to be become more of a bother than escape as of late. It's been nearing 100 degrees (heat index of 105...approx. 37.77° Celsius) and the algae has bloomed. I've vacuumed the damn thing twice this week...then it rains...then it blooms again. Today I spent approximately two hours in the pool vacuuming, straining, and filtering. It looks much better, but if I have to do this twice a week for much longer I'm "accidentally" going to run over a corner with the lawnmover and rid myself of this bane.

On a happier note, Mikel is home!!!! He had a skin graft done over the hole from the bike handlebars, and his 10 inch incision from the exploratory surgery is on the way to healed. He has to stay inside and be inactive which is driving him nuts, but other than that, he's fine. We went over to visit and took a tater tot casserole (first time making that and it was sooo goood), and visited for a few hours. He's such a teenager. It hurts my heart to see him grow up so fast.

Now, I'm cleaned up, ready to read one of the many books stacked on my bench, and if a nap happens I won't put up a fight. I'm also watching Shark Week on Discovery. Why do I put myself through this when I hate sharks and I have nightmares about them often? Good question.

I'm not feeling very bloggy. This entry blows goats, but at least it's something.


  1. We have an above ground pool and boy is it a bitch to clean. You spend more time in and around the pool just cleaning and maintaining it than swimming in it. I shed a single tear and then rejoiced when we discovered a tear in the lining of the pool and a crack in the side. Now we just have to dismantle and get rid of it!

    Good luck with yours.

  2. Ummmm, tater tot casserole.

  3. Kikhwa,
    I think our pump is dying, and if it does that'll be a kiss g'bye for the pool. From what I understand it's about 200.00 for a pump for our model. Cross your fingers and toes.

  4. Todd,
    It sounds vile, but it was actually very good. We wanted something the kids would eat (14, 10, and 6). They all like tater tots, so it seemed like a good idea. It was ground beef, onions, sour cream, some canned soups, and topped with cheddar cheese and tater tots. It was yummy (even though it's redneck).

  5. You Americans with your pools *shakes head* You wanna know about real swimming pool troble take a look at Ireland "National Aquatic Centre" where the roof blew off in a storm because supposedly they didn't follow planning regulations, there is now an investigation going on into how \the company who got the tender actually managed to win considering how crap they are, and it is leaking. Several gallons of chlorinated water are leaking out of this money hole every single day.

    So what have we learned?
    Swimming pools = hassle :)

  6. My better half is on her way tomorrow to Dallas-ish. Granbury Texas. I was there last summer but we never experianced over 100 degree heat. She thinks she's going to be able to sunbathe. Methinks it'll roast her.

  7. speaking of blowing goat, I read in the newspaper that a man in Washington State died from a ruptured colon. He was "doing" a horse. Rather, the horse was doing him. They found his body on the "farm" and did an autopsy. EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  8. Whatever floats your boat, Evil. ;o)

  9. Fence,
    That makes me feel better! A much bigger hassle than my hassle!

  10. BIG,
    I like Granbury. I've had some good times there on trips with school and family. She will likely roast. It usually doesn't take more than an hour for me to burn unless I've slathered on the SPF 30 or 45. Gotta love that hole in the ozone layer.

  11. Oh Amanda!!! I wouldn't have expected it from a Washington stater. Arkansas or West Virginia (hi Jeff!) maybe...but not Washington state. lol Thanks for sharing (I think).

  12. I dont' know, Delana. That kind of story sounds more like your midwesterners to me. Nebraska, South Dakota, etc....

    Congrats about Mikel!! i'm so glad he's doing alright. And don't be knocking tater tot casserole, folks. anything topped with tater tots has to be good...

  13. Clack,
    Good point! Can always count on your for some clarification.

    Right on, tater tots!

  14. Glad Mikel's home and mending!

    I wish you hadn't told me about shark week. I don't have cable I'm scared anyway.

  15. Suzz,
    It started with shark week, and then I came home tonight and my mom was watching a show about people who've had operating tools left inside them. Yummy!


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