Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I just woke up from a nap. I can't be held responsible for sentences. Without verbs.

The most exciting things in my life today:

  • I e-mailed Altar Magazine to get on the roster of reviewers.
  • The pool is looking much better and I swam for over an hour.
  • I ate buttermilk pie. The mana of the freakin' gods of the south.
  • I plan to buy a hip mama pair of reading glasses on the way to class tonight. The poor schmuck's way to avoid a trip to the eye doctor.
  • I have every intention of stopping by the 'brary to read the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly simply because it has Daniel Radcliffe on the front. If he was 10 years older I'd polish his knob.
  • I got a 37.00 refund check today from my credit card company. That should take care of the magazine subscriptions I'm about to send out.


  1. He can star in my porno spoof of Harry Potter: Perry Hotter and the wand of lust!


  2. Oh my God Amanda!!!

    Oh I'm rolling on the floor, I can't make a coherent...anything.


  3. OH MY GOD!!!!


    You worry me, and entertain me at teh same time. ;o)

  4. holy shit that was funny...but seriously...if you find a way to age him age hermione too.

  5. i hear hermione is getting pretty hot and that she has sweet tetas!!

  6. Evil,
    I'll hook you up if I figure it out.

    She's a cutie. Ron is a cutie too.


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