Thursday, August 04, 2005

Before & After

Say goodbye to heavy, big, Texas hair......

Say hello to short, sassy, straight, silky hair.


  1. cute! I like it!
    hey- did i tell you that katie has another bun in her oven? i can't remember if i shared that piece of info or not...

  2. Oh my GOD! You people and your havin' of the babies. I'm totally congratulatory for her, but I'm gonna have some serious catching up to do once my maternal instincts kick in.

  3. hello sexy...

    great cut. it always feels so good to get a cute new cut.

  4. Very sexy! You're making me want to go get a makeover myself.

    God, I love your eyebrows!

  5. Buggy butt,
    Glad ya think so!

    It feels FABULOUS! My head literally feels lighter. Damn curls.

    Show me those teeth!

    My eyebrows need a good pluckin', but I was blessed with my mama's arches.

  6. bee-you-tee-full! have you seen how it looks curly yet? that's always the major test for me.

  7. Ago-go,
    Thank you sweet cheeks! I don't have to worry bout it chemically straightened and now my head smells like a nitroglycerin plant. What we do for beauty!

  8. Oh, very nice. Shiny.

    Been thinking about getting mine done, but not sure what I want... yet

  9. Hey, Andi: (Insert inappropriately lewd comment here).

    Ha, I typed "insert".

    How old am I again?

  10. Love your hair either way but short looks really cute :)

  11. Fence,
    Lots and lots of magazines. That's the key to hair success. Find the perfect pic and go from there.

    12-year-old humor is the BEST!

    Thank you muchly, Suzz! I figured since I'd started wearing it exclusively in a bun or ponytail it was time for something new.

  12. Andi, is pic #1 longer hair?? I can't tell. FYI, you are so beautiful.

  13. Yep,
    It was way thick, naturally curly, and past my shoulders. New do is jaw-length, thinned out, textured, and super-straightened. I bought a #90 flat iron. I have to have a heart attack now.

    And thank you, dearest, you've made me day.

  14. i like it. i like it a lot. :)

  15. Flirty hair, flirty shoes, flirty eyes...

    You look fabulous!

  16. You are cuter then those shoes even! You look way fab, I am jealous too. Makeover time baby! Really though looks wonderful and very socially conscious. ;)

  17. Thank you dear! I knew the masses would like you! Very cute cut (though I'm more of a long-hair likin' guy).

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  19. wow - it looks so thick and healthy -!

  20. I think that you are my long-lost twin -- FREAKY. I went and got my hair cut on tuesday. I had big Georgia hair. Past the shoulder and poofy from all the humidity. I got it but pretty much just like yours on Tuesday. Its a little bit longer -- but layered and sleek. weird!!!!

  21. That is one great hair-do... an improvement on perfection has been proved.:)

  22. BTW. Beautiful eyes too...dreamy

  23. Thank you darlings Stella, Corinna, and Sojourness.

    Kalani, YES!!! I was going for socially conscious!!! Where's my picket sign?

    Os, Most men are long-hair oriented. I figured that out a long time ago and promptly cut my hair anyway. I make sure there's still plenty to grab hold of.

    Christopher, I'm sending my muse after you. Damn spammers.

    AMS, I have notoiriously thick hair. It's MASSIVE. She worked on thinning it for a good half-hour yesterday.

    Amanda!!!! My twin! I knew it all along!

    Dipster, You flatter me so! Do it some more! (attention whore coming out to play)

  24. Andi~ Although I felt sad when you said you were cutting those gorgemus locks, I loves the new do!!! and your eyes are killer in those pics(like always) I have always loved those eyes of yours!! Still waiting on mine to grow out a bit....
    Oh, still making all A's in my class, last two papers he told me I am an awsome writer! Who knew, me a good writer????

  25. Val,
    Thank you!!! I wish I had your gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes. Especially love your red streaks you've got workin' now. Hot!!

    Congrats on the papers! I knew you're a good writer!!! Keep up the good work!

  26. Very sexy hair...looks great!

  27. Ohh, like the hair. Looks almost exactly like mine, hahaha.

    I came back from school with a kick ass hot haircut, and finally broke down and went to my old hairdresser for a trim. Now, I've never liked this woman that much. She's pushing sixty, a grandmother, and yet gets tattoos, piercings, and wears clothes a 30 year old with a hot bod shouldn't wear. Anyways, I went, she cut, doesn't look anything like I wanted it to. *sigh* Looks nice, just not as funky as it once was.

    Wow, that was longer than it really needed to be. I'm turning into my father! "Back in aught five I decided I needed a haircut...".


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