Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bits & Pieces

It should be illegal to be miffed about money this early in the morning on a "day off." The college direct-deposited my check for summer II yesterday and it was about half the amount I'm due. I called this morning to ask what the problem is and couldn't get an answer because the answer lady was at orientation. This presents a problem seeing as I won't get paid from any of my educational jobs (which now make up all of my employment since I get to flutter out of the library Saturday and never been see again) won't pay again until the end of September. I'm stockpiling so I can pay bills until then, and I wanted to pay off another chunk of my credit card.

******end of money talk******

There will be a cake/going away party of some sort. When I walked into the 'brary yesterday, R was standing in S's office door with a gift bag, and when they heard the door S started laughing and yelled "Run! Ruuuuun!!!" Later in the day, S said, "Hey, Andi, don't call in sick Wednesday."

Subtle, eh?

I talked to Kenya about it. She is threatening to get me a stripper and make him dress up as "the book police." I told her to just get me a gift card to Hastings so I can be my own book police. *shakey shakey, wiggle with a book* I love Kenya. I'm going to miss her. I'll be visiting often.

Mega-bitch came in yesterday. I was in too good a mood given my windind-downness to be a tightass to her, so I plastered on my best cheesey grin and took care of business.

I need to go buy textbooks for my graduate courses. Oh Jehovah (God), I just felt the first signs of a nervous stomach cramp. I need to buy my FACULTY PARKING STICKER, too, and get my new ID. Life is good (except for the paycheck thing, and that other thing I can't talk about).


  1. Faculty has to buy their parking sticker?? We got ours for free (but it's a small campus). Hope you got a little last night.


    Good handling of Mega-bitch. Probably for the best. If Kenya needs some $$ to hire a stripper for you, tell her I'm in! And get some pictures of him gettin' jiggy with you--could provide some nice spice for HNT!

  2. Jehovah (God) will make sure it all gets taken care of, i'm sure. when did we become wailing banshees?

  3. Andi,

    I am still trying to figure out why, when I need a problem solved or a question answered:

    (1) There is only ONE person in the ENTIRE organization who can answer it.

    (2)That person is in the bathroom

    (3)The person is on vacation

    (4)The person is on the other line

    (5)The person is at lunch

    (6)The person is in a meeting.

    Sleepless in California,

  4. Os,
    Well, I'm still a student worker (GA), so I'd have to pay a small fee, but I'd be able to park in faculty spots. Found out this morning it's out the window anyway...they've started limiting faculty parking asses to TA's...two semesters before I'm a TA. No comments about TA either.

  5. Clack,
    That happened sometime in the earlyyyy hours of the morning. It seemed like a charming idea then.

  6. Suzz,
    Isn't that the truth??? I'm sure when I go in tonight she'll be a) in a class or b) in a coma.

  7. Andi-

    Don't go that route! Seriously, book police strippers are the worst. Most strippers who dress like cops (and then, apparently undress like cops) know that they are only performers. They won't arrest you. But book police strippers...

    ...all I can tell you is that I was covered in stripper sweat when that crazy mo-fo renewed my nuts with that damned stamp. And that shit won't come out.


  8. "...they've started limiting faculty parking asses to TA's..." -- I detect a Freudian slip here...

    TA--do you think I'd really stoop so low as to actually comment on that?

    Excuse me now as I'm breaking into a cold sweat trying to refrain....

  9. Tim,
    You crack me up. That's all I have to say.

    I blame it on the laptop screen, but we'll call it Freudian!


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