Monday, August 22, 2005

Call You What???

I have yet to start graduate school and I already have two orientations (a total of three days), a big drunken party, and 126 pages of homework looming before me. I've begun to feel a tightening of my asshole and stomach as if a panic attack might burst forth upon me. The freak outedness is increased when I think about the two jobs I'll be working in addition to my studeies.

But ya wanna know what really weirds me out??

When you're a graduate student, all the profs let you call them by their first names. OH MY GOD! My favorite prof referred to her and hubby as "Donna and Mike". And another prof I don't even know yet (the one with the 126 pages of homework) nonchalantly signed his e-mail, "Derrick." Not to mention a wild "Wooohooo" in the midst of the e-mail, but that's another post entirely.

I'm not sure I can handle first names. I was raised in Texas where you call your superiors "Mr." or "Mrs."...."ma'am" and "sir". For the love of God, I might implode if I address a professor by first name.

Watch for signs of implosion in seven days.

TV: The Daily Show (how did I not watch this sooner?)
Music: I haven't the foggiest idea.
Reading: Appetities, Caroline Knapp (That was a typo, but I'm leaving it. Os, it was not Freudian.)
In my head: Spittle.


  1. Damn, you knew I was going to jump all over that!

    Interesting about the proper TX salutations. When I was an undergrad there were only 3-4 of my music professors that weren't on a regular first name basis with the students. Same sort of thing at grad school. In fact, some of the best music dept. parties took place at one of the band directors' house. This was before he got married, of course.

  2. Even when I was an undergrad at the University of Louisville (the Harvard of the South), I had a few profs who would say, "You guys can call me Dave." Oh, no. I will NOT be calling you Dave. I also hate when the waiter sits at an empty seat at your table to take your order. Hey, do I know you? Get up, douche. Hooters girls are of course welcome to sit, of course.

  3. I never knew what to call our lecturers. Do you use their title? Prof. whatever, or Mr/Ms whatever. Or their first names, it was all so confuddling. So usually I didn't call them anything :)

  4. no kidding! isn't that weird? i never felt like i could do that either....made me feel old....

  5. Well, it appears I'm the only one that didn't have really wonky profs that insisted they be called by first name. Hmmphf.

    Music majors and teachers are weird. Much like it was in my old art dept. There was a guy who let us call him Michael.

  6. Todd,
    I'm glad someone else is freaked by the first nameness. I hate it when waiters do that too...even Hooters girls.

  7. Fence,
    Here's it's Dr. Whatever Whatever. Very few didn't have their doctoral degree, so it was no muss, no fuss. Until NOW!

  8. Clack,
    I still can't even call our old high school teachers by their first names. Brian Smith works at the college with me. Do I call Him Brian? NOPE! Of course I don't call DP by her name either. Puhlease!

  9. hah. can i come back to school with you and we'll go to town in the library stacks?


  10. Wooo! Right in front of the paleontology section. Sorry, Friends flashback.

  11. hee

    I have that problem too.. Teachers, bosses, old babysitters.... When I was small I called my babysitter "Mrs. Hubbard" when everyone else called her Isabella. She was almost my grandma's age.... I still call her Mrs. Hubbard (she's my grandparent's neighbor and I see her every now and then).

  12. Even now, when I see my old teachers, I still think of them as Mr or Mrs so-and-so. I can't think of them as having first names.

    I almost majored in music and indeed, most of the music majors I met were weird. Except, of course, Os. He's in his own category :)

  13. Storm,
    Some things never change! It's just wrong to drop the Mrs.! :o)

    What instrument do you play? Or do you sing? That's awesome!

    I can't say much about weird. I was an art student. lol

  14. Well, I thought I was the only one!! My last prof. said 'Hey call me Walter'!! I still can't get over it. I could NEVER imagine calling DP Rayleene!!! Sooooo many levels of wierdness! Oh, after we graduated from HS, and I went to the lake with Mr. &Mrs. McMahon (with Zach), they wouldn't let me call them Mr&Mrs!! Instead, Clint and Judy. Talk about being wierd!

  15. What are you going to school for? I start up on Grad School again tomorrow! Yipes! I'm gladd that I don't have 126 pages of homework already!

  16. getting to know them with their first names would be so hard to handle. it would be a shock so to speak.

  17. I played clarinet, alto saxophone, and the tenor saxophone. I had brief flirtations with the baritone sax and the flute, but it didn't work out. One was too big, one was too small ;)

    *sigh* those were the days. That's where I became good friends with Aaron. He played the 'bone too.

  18. soooo glad you are enjoying the Daily Show. I *heart* Jon Stewart.

  19. Heather--Glad you recognize me as having my own category! I always liked WW players. They always seemed interested in my bone--
    --"It goes that far out??"
    --"Wow! You have to use your whole arm to get it out there?"
    --"It feels so big when I put it up to my lips."

    You get the picture!

    &-eeee--You had to know this was coming....

  20. growing up we were always taught to address elders as Mr. and Mrs. I have been with the BF for over 7 years and until about two years ago I just refrained from calling his parents anything! I call them by their first names now b/c they would not have it any other way but it still makes me feel weird, and it's been this long!

    I was an art major too...I am definitely in the weird category and proud of it. I had one art prof that would come out to the bars and play pool with us and I STILL called him Prof so and so...Just too hard to break the habit

  21. Os, WW players are always interested in how big the brass is


  22. Val,
    The trip with Mr. and Mrs. McMahon would've scarred me for life! I hated that woman. He was cool.

    I'm starting a Masters in English. What are you studying?

  23. Opaco,
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks so. I thought I was way weird.

    That's awesome! I never knew you were so musically inclinded. I, on the other hand, play a mean recorder.

  24. Amanda,
    Me too. I could just sop him up with a biscuit. Right after I got done with Stevie C. ,though.

    YOu never disappoint!

  25. FunkyB,
    Wooo! Art majors unit! I was an art student at a very straightlaced university so it wasn't as weird as most places. I was the oddest with my blue hair and piercings. Well, there was one odder, but she was scary-odd.

    Have you ever had someone tell you to call them "Miss (Insert First Name Here)?" That was big in NC and it weirded me out. The only person I've ever called Miss First Name was an older lady who worked in the cafeteria my entire life. Miss Betty will ALWAYS be Miss Betty.

  26. it would be like calling parents steve and lindsey instead of mom and dad. just not right. not right at all.

  27. I know people who've done that, too!!!! I would die!

  28. Andi-

    My old professors started asking me to call them Shawn and Monica. Weird. It's a shame, because I called them "Boss" and "Doc" before. Shawn and Monica just seems so formal now.


  29. Tim,
    You made me lol with a half a snort. I dunno what it was. I pictured Steve Carell sayin' it, and it just worked. Then I pictured your avatar saying it and I snorted again.

  30. I get called Miss Heather all the time. It makes me feel old. I don't get that part of our NC culture.

  31. LOL, Heather. It was cute when other people did it, but I just couldn't.


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