Saturday, August 20, 2005

F-u-c-k (tantrum rising)

Fuck Blogger for installing the "flag" feature.

Fuck my portable CD player for not playing. Yes, there is a disc!!!

Fuck my toothless redneck neighbors for SAWING at 10:30.

Fuck the loan people for abstaining from sending me a payment book until my interest reached $8,000.

Fuck the hateful, the prejudiced, the sexist, the cruel and callous, the abusers, the killers, the torturers, the manipulative, the greedy.

I hate that my day deteriorated to this temper tantrum. It started so well. Am I "objectionable" yet, Blogger?

Song: Foundations to Burn, Boy Sets Fire
In my head: Rat poison.

Foundations to Burn

Justify, as if it were our right to say
Now decide, which liar you trust and which one chose our fate
Fed in time as a choice we think we're making
It's the guns that we know vs. the guns we never will
When illusions burn where will we be left standing
Still with the guns that we know vs. the guns we never will
Pacify, with false hope of safety within
Never mind that they were never there where could we begin
We call upon god for which killing's permitted,
and then brag out loud that our side made the grade
We better pray, with this as our position
Our wrongs don't come back and burn us down to the ground
And what gives us the right to judge without reprisal
To strike retaliation and wash our hands of blood
And who gave us the crown to claim that we're divine
Without needing repentance and drive them into hell


  1. can i join...

    fuck the bank for not depositing my paycheck after i deposited my paycheck. i know it looks like a person check but it says PAYROLL on the memo and initialed by the signer. yeah i know, it's not your fault my mortgage check bounced!
    fuck fuck fuck!

  2. Join right in all you want. I would be letting a few fucks fly at that myself.

  3. Oh hooch, I'm sorry things are going sour. Fuck everyone and everything that make a good day bad.

    What the khell is the flag feature???

  4. I don't think it's fuck. I think it's worse words. Like ass, boobies, and the biggie--nekkid.

    Hope things are better in the morning!

  5. i love you and fuck being single and a broken arm.

  6. Kikhwa,
    Awwww, you called me hooch. I miss Kenya at the 'brary calling me hooch (saw her yesterday).

    The "flag" is to the upper right of the blog next to the "next blog" button. It's so that if readers find anything objectionable they can flag you and Blogger tracks it and can decide if your site is indeed objectionable. Bunch o'shit if you ask me.

  7. Os,

    Things are a lil better this morning. Will post about it when I am able to focus my eyes.

  8. E-vil,
    And fuck my foot for hurting. Not sure what's up with that, but when I stepped out of bed this morning it was an excruciating tendon thing along the side.

    Sorry to hear about your broken-armness.

  9. And a few more fucks:

    The President
    His cabinet
    The power-hungry bitch ass losers in Washington
    The BTK killer
    ...and Jim Carrey. Why not?

  10. Fuck me? Fuck me? Your student loan interest is the least of your troubles now, young lady.

  11. I FREAKING missed you while I was out sick. I was at home with the flu and didn't have access to a computer for an entire week! Thank god I got online now for my adorable Andi Snark fix!

  12. AMANDA!!!! I missed you too! Soooo much! I was having withdrawals.

    I hope you're feeling much MUCH better!

  13. I thought the flag thing was more for those evil spam blogs rather than a censorship thing?

    And to join in fuck gmail for having a server error. I've not been online all weekend. Think of all those emails waiting for me!

  14. Fence,
    The way I read it, it was for anyone that found something "objectionable" they could flag it. Blogger looks into the flags to see if they thing action should be taken. I can understand it if it's for kiddy p*rn blogs or something, but overall I find it a silly idea.

    Sorry about the e-mail issues. I would be tearing my hair out.

  15. Andi, why did you take down your comment in which you threaten to butt-rape the prez with a blunt instrument? I thought it was hilarious.

  16. Wow, I thought it was sub-standard. I'll put it back up.

  17. Fuck the damn traffic in San Diego. Fuck all you fuckers that should be in church or some shit on a Sunday and not on my freeway when I'm speeding to pick up my precious child from the airport.

  18. The comment I deleted earlier:

    I don't think you'd like what I'd use to fuck you, Mr. President. Then again, it probably wouldn't be the first time you've taken a rake handle.

  19. Yes, Sam! Fuck 'em! Traffic is one of my big peeves. I say fuck A LOT when I drive.

  20. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck fuck.

  21. Andi - you FUCKING rock! I agree whole heartedly with all of it and you put it so elequently! I wrote an email to blogger last week about the flag. we'll see how they respond, but you know that I say? FUCK THOSE FUCKING FUCKERS...FUCK FUCK FUCK!!

  22. Funkmeister,
    I knew you'd understand!!!

  23. fuck the system we call sociatiety.
    And no I don't know how to spell "sociatiety", so fuck you!

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  26. Fuck-a-doodle-doo!
    Fuck my old boots
    Fuck this for a game of soldiers


    check out saturdays post on this blog -the wedding photographers are going to be so sorry they ever started spamming!!

  28. Awww. Don't fuck cuz ya can't spell. It's otay.

    Fuck spammers without a kiss!

    Write that yourself?? I'm imagining a banjo background.

  29. that 'flag' shit just makes me sooooooooooooooo mad. (and I am not even on blogger!!!) so what freedom of speech does not apply any more??? i wonder??


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