Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Why the bloody hell does the handyman never CALL before showing up?? It never fails I'm....

a) In bed and half-nekkid
b) In a bathing suit

I'll be SO GLAD whenever he gets FINISHED!

Today he showed up, I'm in pj's because I don't have to leave until 2:30 to go to the college for registration and staff development. I answer the door in a bleary-eyed fog to him looking surprised and asking, "Oh, were you asleep??" No fuckwad, I'm in my pj's and don't know my own name all the time. YES, I was asleep. Or at least I was workin' on it awfully damn hard.

If anyone says I should've been up and dressed, poop on your head. I'm on vacation. I won't get to stay in my pajamas again until December.


  1. i totally agree! holidays are specifically designed so that you do NOT have to get dressed before some invisble time marker. heck- why get dressed at all???
    i will do my best with the baby pics, if i can get over my current computer problems. i have faith....if my modem gets fixed...

  2. Stay in your PJ's as long as humanly possible!

  3. Clack and Funky,

    Thank you dearly for the backup on the pajama loungin'. I was supposed to go help with registration, but I called ahead and they don't need any more help, so I'm in the jammies for another 3 hours or so. Woot!

    I pray for pics.

  4. I expects they do it on purpose. It's a perk of the job to surprise half-nekkid lasses in the middle of the day.

    And I say pajammy away! I'll live vicariously!

  5. Heather,
    Yes, I think you're right. It's in the handyman handbook that one can surprise half nekkid ladies. Pervs.

  6. I hate when people chide me for not being up at the crack of dawn on my day off. FUUUUCK them. I'll sleep as long as I want.

  7. Todd,
    Exactly. What's the point of a day off if you can't sleep it away???

  8. lol, Addict. Not from the look on his face when I opened the door.

  9. At least you slept in pjs. Could've been awkward if you just showed up in your usual t-shirt and panties.

  10. You ARE the t-shirt/panties girl, right? I can't keep you guys straight anymore... I blame HNT.

  11. Os! You dog! Yes I'm the t-shirt and panties. Remember me running around outside on the front porch?? Haven't done that in a while. Maybe tomorrow.

  12. Take pics! Nothing says you can't submit twice!

    Well, actually, I think the guidelines say you can't, but since I wrote them, I can bend them!

    I do seem to remember the porch thing.... I believe I also made a comment that you somewhat expected, and would have been disappointed about if I hadn't. Damn, it's nice to have friends like you! (did I mention I really, really like your profile pic this time around??)

  13. Sleeping until there isn't any morning left is what holidays are all about. Weekends too, but that often doesn't happen cause other stuff gets in the way. You know, like having to hit the shops before the Sat. hordes decend.

  14. They do it on purpose because they think it's funny! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  15. Os,
    Stop drooling over my profile pic. And I'm a great friend for telling you about my panty/t-shirt extravaganza.

    Shops never see me on the weekend precisely because I loathe the hordes. Grabby bastards.

    They're all panty-peeking bastards.


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