Thursday, August 11, 2005

Half-Nekkid Thursday: Quite a bite!

There is a story behind my crooked smile. Notice the upper lip's mid-dent is off center. That would be thanks to a wayward softball when I was in second grade. I played 2nd base for my softball team, and the injury happened at my VERY FIRST practice...ever. Actually, about six minutes ito my very first practice. We were practicing catching fly balls (stop snickering), and the ball bounced up out of my glove, popped me in the mouth, and blood flew everywhere. My mom hauled me to the emergency room in case I needed stitches, but they ended up icing it and slapping on a butterfly bandage. Yum.

The teeth are attributable to three years of brace pain. Thank you, Mama!

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  1. I did a mouth one today, too. No story behind it, though . . .

  2. Lovely smile hon.

    Similar thing happened to me playing softball. Running for home and the plate was covered, we collided and I hit my chin on her head. Knocked out all my front teeth.

  3. Beautiful teeth there, dear! The braces did good!

  4. Great smile. None of us a truly symetrical. How boring would that be.
    Very inviting lips too.

    Happy HNT

  5. You have beautiful teeth, I went through years of braces too but it's all worth it.

  6. Great picture...but what an awful story. Ow.

    Happy HNT.

  7. Lovely smile and smiling story. Happy HNT!

  8. and THAT'S why little girls shouldn't have to play softball. :)
    you i've never in my life noticed that your mouth was "offcentered". one of those things that you only notice on yourself, i guess...

  9. nice smile!!!!

    symetics are highly overrated!!


  10. the off-centre give you character. beautiful teef!

  11. symmetry is boring!! :-)

  12. My reaction to the story: 'Ouch!'
    My reaction to the pic: 'Hey, nice pic!'

  13. still nice chompers now.

    i will call you chompy.

  14. owey! The thought of something hitting my lip brings tears to my eyes.

  15. Either you were born with great teeth or you put an orthodontist's kid through college.

  16. I should do a mouth one...maybe with my mouth full... nah, that would be too dirty. And H3.2 probably wouldn't cooperate.

  17. Thats like the perfect Colgate smile! Lucky you!

    Happy HNT!

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  20. I've been a complete blog bum today! Thanks to all the Half-Nekkid visitors for stopping by to ogle my smile. Nibbles for all of you!

  21. fantastical teeth. i'm 36 and soon will be sporting braces. eeekkk! Invisalign here I come :)

  22. Rachel,
    OUCH! Head collisions are the worst.

    To everyone who discussed symmetry. I agree...screw symmetry. I love my scar. War wound if you will.

    You know you used to stare at it on UIL trips and cringe. *sob*

    I just love new nicknames!

    Then the real thing would, too. It sucks.

    Buggy Butt, that would be option the second. His kid was well taken care of. In fact, one of them went to law school with a guy I met online a million years ago. Weird.

    If he'll put on your stockings he'll do anything. Oh, and I've been sharing the ball story with everyone I know. Pure twisted hilarity.

    Good luck! I hope it's not too bad!

    Fuck off.

  23. Aw poor thing. Childhood softball was brutal. I was injured many times.

    You still have a very pretty smile :)


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