Monday, August 15, 2005

I just saw people from my tiny hometown of 1,200 on the Today Show!! They were having their 75th wedding anniversary. Can I get a "Whoa nelly!"?


  1. Of course you can...

    Whoa nelly! I'll even add an extra !!!

  2. by the way...can you imagine being married for 75 yrs? I don't think I'll be alive for 75 years total. crazy!

  3. Funkmeister,
    I can in fact NOT imagine being married for 75 years. Like you said, I don't think I'll be alive that long. I'll surely be shot or have a massive heart attack by then (thanks to both sides of my family with the heart problems). The shooting will just be because I've pissed someone off with this blog.

  4. Whoa nelly!

    Nice b-day tribute to Steph, too. Have you guys actually met??

  5. A and I would be 97 years old if we are married that long.


    I don't know that I could put up with him for 70 more years ;) I don't know if I could put up with ME for 75 more years!

  6. love your new pic by the way.

    I would still kill for those eyebrows. I must get myself to a beautician!! I'm starting to look like Bert on Sesame Street!

  7. I was going to say, "No one would shoot another person because of a blog," but then I realized of course someone would, because people are lumps of shit who dress themselves.

  8. Os,
    No we haven't.

    LOL! It's putting up with ME that worries me the most. I'll probably top out at 70.

    And thank ye for the compliment!

    I think you're onto something there.


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