Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm up, I'm UP!

7:20. I'd forgotten what 7:20 looks like. Graduate orientation is today from 9-3:30 and then the drunken pool party with my professors (so wrong). So, yeah, don't expect much outta me today. I'll be holed up being brainwashed and interrogated. Whatever will I do having to go a whole day without hearing "Pon De Replay" on MTV? A few of my brain cells might regenerate!!!

I posted some informal reading comments over at Projectile Reviews yesterday in a fit of non-reading. I swear, I'm going to get on the stick and start posting more over there. It used to be on another, defunct, blog account, but now I've moved it to this account, so maybe that'll be less hassle and more motivation.

One last thing: I moved the Denise Richards post above HNT. I would hate to think she lost some of the limelight because of my paper-dollness.


  1. LOL have fun!

    If you get me your addy today I can mail that book from work and you should get it by Monday. Hope I caught you!

  2. thats mighty early my dear.

    try not to go crazy at the pool party ;)

    I love those work things - I just sit back and watch those silly ones who don't abide by the 'you dont get drunk in front of your coworkers' rule.


  3. informative note for you: my child weighs nine and a half pounds. my mom is on her way up here. he better show up tonight...

  4. CJ~ I just talked to your husband, thinking that you would be HOME, since you are due TOMORROW!!!! What are you doing to yourself???!!!! You so craaaaaazy!! GO HOME!!!

  5. Andi-

    Just be glad MTV isn't playing "Pass the Dutchie" over and over.


    P.S. By-the-by, I saw "40-Year-Old Virgin" last night. I hate my life.

  6. hahaha! rob told me you called, val. i can't just sit at home and wait for it! besides, he isn't in any hurry CLEARLY...

  7. drunken pool party...

    when? where?

    have a good weekend.

  8. Steph, that rule doesn't apply if you work at a bar, restaurant, or massive liquor store.

    Andi, I have to be at work every day at 6am pacific daylight time.

  9. Heather! Sorry, you didn't catch me. I'm not in any hurry, though. I'll get the addy to ya in a minute.

    Very little drunkeness. Damn.

    Bring on the spawn!!!!

    Why do you hate your life?? I can be your macho wingman who helps you get laid if you'd like. (You'd have to be pretty hard up to take ME up on that.)

  10. Thanks Pink!

    You missed it!!! Ask earlier next time and I'll get ya directions.

    That's why I don't work where you do!

  11. Andi-

    One day I'll post pictures of my room. Yeah, it's very very much like the movie. I just live his life. Thank God I'm only 22.



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