Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lazy Assedness

Things I should have already done today:

Gotten dressed.
Finished cleaning this here 12th Circle.
Started reading my assignment.
Addendum: Should've done my syllabi for the three courses I'm TEACHING!

What I've done:

Watched Montel Williams (Sylvia Browne was the guest...she amuses me).
Ate salad and a piece of turtle pie.
Read blogs.

What I will do in the next little while:

Blow-dry my hair.
Watch Ellen Degeneres and then Oprah.
Begin reading the most boring assignment since the invention of the printing press. Thank you, Mr. Gutenberg...kiss my pasty pale tail.
Addendum: The three syllabi for the courses I'm TEACHING!


  1. be on vacation. You are soooo lucky.

    Turtle pie sounds lovely too. Yum. Would like the swim too. The 13th Circle of hell must be NC in the summer. You can cut the humid here with a knife.

  2. (I take it back, I'm sure yu deserve to be lazy)

    I am still bitter however- how about sharing that turtle pie with me??

  3. trade you days. you can sit here and take phone calls from dumbass people. no? ok, never mind.

  4. I always watch Montel when Sylvia Brown is on, don't ask me why but she amuses me too!

    and turtle pie...mmmm. can I have a bite?

  5. Heather,
    NC summers are actually the 13th and 14th circles (one circle couldn't hold all that hell). The humidity there made me crazy. And I was only 45 mins from the ocean. Trop-i-cal.

  6. Steph,
    I saved a nibble just for you. Watch out for the gets away from ya.

  7. Opaco,
    MMMM, no trade. I took dumbass phone calls at the library before I ran SCREAMING from the place.

  8. FunkyB,
    I dunno what it is about her. I think she's full of shit, but she's so charming. Just a little old lady with smoker's voice makin' a mad livin' sayin' the same thing over and over. Props to her for being a great scam.

    I saved you a bite of turtle pie, too, if Steph doesn't get to it first.

  9. Gah, humidity. I just reread my post.

    I agree, must be rings 13 and 14. It's not quite so bad today. It finally rained yesterday.

  10. Ya know...I didn't even notice your typo. Wanna know why?? LAPTOP MONITOR!!! Sorry. *breathe*

    Congrats on the rain! Send it this way, please! It thundered loud enough to scare the stuffin' out of me this morning around 1am, but I don't think rain ever happened.

  11. not fair. nobody will take my job. dang!

  12. one of those days eh?....there is a post over at greeper i think you will really like today then :) shameless i tell you but this one has been festering me and bugging me and i really needed to get it out....

    dude, i so love ellen i dance with her everyday and i KNOW i have seen every episode MORE than once. some i have seen three plus times.
    i still need to shower brush my teeth and do the dishes. it is 3pm and my ass has not moved from my computer.

  13. Opaco,
    I'm sure there's a homeless person that would be happy to take it off your hands. Or maybe not.

  14. Corinna-doll,
    I LOVED THAT POST over at your site. Totally fucking hilarious and valid in our cooched-out society.

    I love Ellen so very much. Today was the Denise Richards episode, and does it weird anyone else out that she posed for Playboy 5 months after having a kid???


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