Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Moving that last post down the page...

The second summer session is over and done, and it feels GOOOOD. Both of my students passed with flying colors, including Mute Girl who finally spilled her guts about what the problem has been. She's had it rough and worked really hard this last stretch. Gold star for her.

Fall promises to be a bitchin'-fast schedule. I'm teaching a night class/lab combo from 5:30-9:20 on Wednesday nights and a class/lab combo that is NOT as long on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons. Not to mention the 20 hours tutoring at the university and the three grad courses. Whew! Should be fast and furious, but I likes it like that.

I had a good 30-minute conversation with myself last night. Partially out loud. Is that normal??


  1. Are you a good conversationalist with yourself? I mean, do you have anything in common?

  2. I do it all the time. I think it is perfectly normal.

  3. Sometimes that is the only person that understands.. might not be 'normal' to do it out loud though. :)

  4. There is no such thing as normal. (write this out 157 times on a blackboard please. Whiteboard may be an acceptable option)

    But yeah, you're abnormal :) In the good way I hasten to ad before this whole internet-lacking-in-humour-problem rears its ugly (and occasionally more than fun-tastic) head.

  5. Who wants to be normal? Normal is so boring, so no, you are not normal.

    I'm not either. Yes you are. NO, I am not!

    PS: I do it all the time!

  6. I converse with myself all the time -- even though the Institution nurses threaten to put me back in the funny jacket!

  7. I'm not too worried about being normal...just wondered if anyone else is with me in the loner conversations. hehe

    I dunno....I have yet to see normal.

    I'm a great conversationalist!! Although it never turns out in real life like it went in my head.

    Thank ya!

    I think you should try it out loud. Sometimes it's good mental m'bation to talk to yourself.

    I LOVE white boards, so that sounds like heaven to me!!

    LOL, Heather. Love the pic, by the way.

    The padded room is so much fun! I could bounce off the walls all day. Oh, and I never got good and started on England, England. Attention span difficulties, but I'm gonna try it again soon.

  8. Andish, I hope you don't mind but I had to quote you on my banner for your Nerds comment....

    It had to be done.

  9. oh and I just noticed that you are reading Eat Cake - I liked it for a light summer read. It was heartwarming.

    I passed it around my office just a few weeks ago.


  10. Steph,
    I'm famous! For a pervy-sounding comment! Oh my! My reputation is ruined! Thanks. :)

    I need to sit my ass down and actually read for more than three minutes today. It's so hard when I'm off work and can nap in as many positions as I want.

  11. reputation? what reputation?!?!? kidding my dear...

    I will take it down tomorrow (or today if you would like)

  12. glad your student straightened out. nothing like ending on a high note. :)
    you should know that i have spent my entire life listening to my dad talk and knowing it was directed at no one but himself, and i think we both know that he is the sanest man alive. i, therefore, in an effort to appear sane, talk to myself all the time. rob actually thinks i'm hilarious because i do hand gestures and facial expressions to go along with the conversations in my head sometimes without realizing it...okay thats a little weird, but....

  13. If there's self-love, there's gotta be self-talk. LOL ..

  14. Steph,
    No need to take it down. I'm feeling rather flattered.

    I feel better because your dad is indeed sane. I do the hand and facial expressions too!! Eek!

    Amen, sista!!! lol

  15. i have conversations with myself all the time too. usually they begin with, "woman, what the hell are you doing?"

  16. I'm the only person that will listen to me!
    Your a smarty pants Andi! My brain is jealous...

  17. I have full blown convos by myself too. As for if it is normal...I dunno, but I feel great afterwards...like I accomplished something. So that should count for something.

  18. Com*plete*ly normal.

    Well... as normal as a quirky lit-gal should be, anyway.

    Actually, that's my excuse for a lot of the stupid things I do. It works for me, though... you can give it a shot.

    Glad you're picking up on the Melissa Bank book - I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it is.

    Sorry about your loan woes, by the way... I'm finding that higher education has its way of subtle ass raping, too. It's a fun side effect of 4+ years of hard work!

    Glad you're back, though - don't go fishing again any time soon. :)

  19. I only talk to myself outloud when I'm working on a paperwork type project. Otherwise it's all internal. Normal sucks. Please don't get all normal on me now.

  20. Ago-go,
    Yet another thing we have in common.

    What on earth is there to be jealous of?? I'm just a po' shmuck tryin' to make it in Hollywood. Too bad I don't like California...big obstacle.

    It is quite liberating isn't it?? Power to the self-talkers.

    No fishing in the near future I hope! Can't wait for the Banks book. And if I have to wait much longer for Weiner's Goodnight Nobody I'm going to have a spaz attack of some sort.

    I don't see normal on the horizon. Call the po-lice if it ever happens.

  21. BTW, FunkyBeeee-auty..I have no idea where the Hollywood thing came from. For a moment I was possessed by the spirit of Pretty Woman..."What's yo dream?!"

  22. being an only child i can say it totally totally is. i often wonder if the amount i talk to myself is too much but i fear the answer may be yes. i know i have mentioned it to my therapist but i do not remember what he said...a lot has been said in almost three years. anyways anything that is abnormal or even apears abnormal IS in fact the new normal.

  23. I start teaching again soon. Kill me.


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