Monday, August 15, 2005

My past life as a cat...

Click for a larger image.

On TV: Nothing.
CD: Everything You Want, by Vertical Horizon
Reading: Schlock.
In my head: Hairballs.


  1. Interesting profile pic!

  2. Break the glass! Kill the rodents. Eat the birds.

    Then you may sleep

  3. have you missed me? I am here to assure you that i have not given birth yet. i've just sort of been not around computers for a few days. i love that cartoon. hilarious.

  4. Os,
    Thanks. Was playin' with my paint shop program when I couldn't sleep last night.

  5. Clack,
    I was just discussing the state of your uterus with Kandice yesterday. Thanks for the heads-up . When's the drop date again?

  6. its the 27th. not too far away! the doc should tell me today what he thinks about my eta. or would that be etb? or etd? anyway, whichever. :)

  7. Let me know the ETA or ETB or whatever. :)


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