Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Retail Therapy, Part Deux

More retail therapy today. Many of you will remember my shop-gasm a month or so ago when I bought much black clothing that looks hot (you'll have to take me at my word). Today I threw in a little color...

1. Lime green polo
2. Black/white/silver ribbon watch
3. Camo green purse with a limey and brown funky paisley insert. Might have to take a pic of this one.
4. One pair of large silver hoop earrings. My others are on their last leg.
5. A hard to kill 5-subject notebook for all the notes I'll be taking in two weeks' time.
6. Bust Magazine
7. Sushi for Beginners, by Marian Keyes. Chick lit, not a how-to sushi book.

And I think that's it. I was on the verge of buying a black/white polka dot bag for school. It was built briefcase style, but you could carry it as such or as a shoulder bag. It was padded. It was adorable. It was not big enough for 800 books.


  1. i'm a little jealous - that sounds like a fabulous shopping trip!!!

    my last shopping trip involved a ghetto destiny's child cassette tape for my new car that sports only a tape player (wtf?) and green apple rock candy... both of which were bought from a not-so-local Cracker Barrel.

    the things girlfriends will do for entertainment late at night in a country town.

    in other news - *must* see pictures of that stunning purse!

    you should post a picture of you wearing/holding all your new items.

    and.............. Bust Magazine? let me know about that one.

  2. Retail therapy is my FAVORITE!!!

  3. BECKY!! Have you never read Bust?? It's fantabulous...the anti-Cosmo if you will. There's a link to it under the "terminally bored" section of my sidebar. This issue looks to be fab. I've already read about an all-woman skydiving club and now I'm working on an article on America's Next Top Model.

    I'm a bit jealous of the green apple rock candy. I should've bought a big mess of it this weekend when I was near a candy store.

  4. Addict,
    I vote for the pic of you and your bike on your blog, but that pic you're sporting now is stunning as well.

    Retail therapy is great...with hair therapy coming in a close second. My hairdresser is my therapist.

  5. Ahhh...retail thera-gasms. Yummm.

    I think I'm due one of those soon...oh shoot, I had one this past weekend.

    I think I'm due a book-buying-gasm actually.

    Hope you like the Keyes book, I haven't read that one yet.

  6. Aahhh gotta love the retail therapee! I have a few Keye's books. I like them b/c they are mindless and easy to read and oh so gurly! you are welcome to borrow some, I'll send them to you if you want but I have a feeling once school starts you will have no time for liesurly reading...?

  7. Not that I mind the variety, but good God woman, can't you leave your profile pic alone??? Just kidding. I think I like this one the best, other than maybe that one of just your eyes. And Dark Lady.

  8. Glad your shopping trip was more successful than mine. I' ve just had a whinge about it on my blog. I must shop for more purses and shoes.

  9. Awesome. I need some retail therapy, but I don't want to buy anything until I lose more weight.

    Ick. Put the donut down.

  10. sounds like good stuff to me! can't wait to see the purse. doc says no go on the baby. i guess he'll be in there for a little while longer anyway. :P not eta as of yet! don't you love buying empty notebooks? i do. maybe that's just me though...

  11. you sound like you're worse than me for shopping. i've banned myself from setting foot inside anything other than a supermarket for the next two months. im practically bankrupt at this stage!

  12. Heatheroo,
    I highly recommend the book-gasm. Those are the best kind, and you can have as many as you want!

  13. FunkyB,
    I would sooo totally take you up on the Keyes books, but you're absolutely right that I'll have zip, zero, nada time in two weeks. Shit, one and a half weeks. My vacation is almost gone.

  14. Os,
    I didn't like the other one so much, so I changed it. You can bet it won't be the real me for more than a week. It'll be back to the dark lady. I just want you all to know I'm constantly watching everything you do, so I have to pop in personally from time to time.

  15. Skinny,
    Purses and shoes are my favorites. It hardly ever matters that I have a big chest and butt when I'm shopping for accessories. yay!

    I'm with you. I need to start workin' out again and shed another size or two.

  16. Clack,
    I love school supplies in general, but empty notebooks are, by far, the bestest. You do know I expect massive amounts of baby pics, yes?

    I'm usually not this bad. I only really splurge once or twice a year, so it just sounds bad. That's what I try to tell myself anyway.


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