Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Spotlight: Reginald

If you haven't noticed, take a moment to scroll down and check my new addition to the sidebar...Reginald, my baby Jesus fetus. I love Him.

I should be cleaning so I can do work. I can't read assignments or do other school/work-related crap with my bedroom looking like the 12th circle of hell (one of the new add-ons....reserved for messy mollies like myself).

On TV: Oprah...the Presley women interview. I *heart* Lisa Marie
Music: Amerie


  1. Andi-

    Glad I made you laugh until you snorted. I'm shooting for you peeing in a public place. (I have to admit, writing the words "shooting" and "peeing" only brings up the image of "Shooting pee.") Anyway, I totally get the need to have a clean space before working on homework. Yeah, keep at it and shazam!


  2. Oh, damn, you did it again. The shooting pee is a bit much to ask, but I'll keep the snorting up.

  3. Did you receive a visit from the Three Wise Fetuses?

  4. I did. They were charming, if a bit wobbly on their tails.

  5. The Jesus Foetus is so cute :)

    Hey Andi. Look here to get rid of Nav Bar and the pesky 'flag'.


  6. a baby jesus fetus....i just don't know about you....

  7. He <3's you too, Fence! He <3's us one and all!

    Thanks, Dipper! I'll check it out!

    I was hoping it would get the thumbs up from my spiritual advisor. Maybe not so much.

  8. i just want to hug baby jesus fetus! but he might be too slimy and slip out of my arms...so i blow him a kiss instead.

  9. Good plan Go-go. We wouldn't want him gettin' away!


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