Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Verdict

Yesterday's orientation went well. It was overwhelmingly informative, but good. There were donuts, there was an ice breaker (my super hero name will now be The Frigid Wench), and we discussed quite a volatile article about whether or not teachers should "push" their students to contemplate ideas they might be uncomfortable with (should we push them to discuss and write about religion, etc.) . We got our work schedules for the writing center and teaching. I'll be working in the writing center 20 hrs a week and also working with a few developmental "labs" (we're not supposed to call 'em labs). I had no idea I'd be doing that, but I'm already teaching a shitload, so why not add a few labs, right? I also found out I have to take a Colloquia that forced me to drop my Contemporary Lit class. If I hadn't, I would've been forced to give up sleep and one meal a day, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. The bitch of it: the Colloquia doesn't count toward the Masters. It's useless to me now credit-wise (not teaching-wise), but it'll be 6 total hours toward my PhD if I decide to do it. It's required if I want to start teaching for the university next year, too, so they had me by the nads.

The party last night was lovely. There are several people still in the program that I graduated with, so it was nice to see them and get back into the swing of things. The food was great, the company was awesome, and I got into some veryyy interesting conversations about literature, feminism, more literature, and more literature. Oh, and publishing. And research. And composition, and more literature. Whew!

My time will be limited, but I should be home every night by about 7:30, so that's not so bad. I should have time to do assignments, stress out, and do research. Oh, and BLOG! I'd shrivel up and die without it.


  1. Yes, please don't forget to schedule in your blog time!

  2. No danger of that. I'd be a burbling mess if I didn't get to be warped here.

  3. You are going to be a busy young lady. If you don't blog I'll hunt you down.

  4. I had too many burritos last night, and this morning I was a burbling mess. I'm thinking we're talking about two different things, right?

  5. Andi,

    I wouldn't like investing 6 hours and not getting credit toward my degree either :( Good grief.

    Sounds like you will be a blur!

  6. there's something about the blog reading that really helps me wind down, so to speak. i think reading on other people's sites is relaxing. am i alone on this one?

  7. Jesus Christ, andi. I haven't seen this much Spam since the last white trash wedding reception I went to.

    I hate spammers. I wish testicular and/or ovarian cysts on the lot of 'em. Not cancer, just scary benign cysts.

  8. Oh I'll still blog for sure, Todd. I can't be gotten rid of that easy. :oD

    Very different burblings. lol No more to be said about that.

    It blows. It's all a part of their plan to drain us of our money and turn us into their drones.

  9. Opaco,
    You're not alone. I tend to read blogs mostly in the early morning to help me wake up and at night to help me relax. It's a comfy cozy thing for me.

    LOL, Todd. Maybe the cysts would slow 'em down a little anyway. And spam bounces. Did you know?

  10. I worked in a college writing center before and I loved it. I much rather do one on one tutoring than teaching. I feel like I can accomplish more. I miss having lit. conversations like the ones I've had in college! I miss the classes and the discussions. I don't, however, miss the research papers!

  11. Amanda,
    I worked in the writing center as an undergrad, too, and I really enjoyed it. The one-on-one is nice. I like both for different reasons, and it looks like I'll be doing a lot of both teaching and tutoring.


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