Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Walking Coma

My day started out deliciously relaxing, but now I just feel like shit. I wanted to get in the pool but it rained, I wanted to shop but there's nothing I really need to buy, I wanted to read but I couldn't concentrate for long enough. I'm not sure why I scheduled three weeks off. I'm TERRIBLE at being off...I'm terrible at relaxing.

I have two more weeks off and I have several things scheduled. Some I'm looking forward to, and I'm sure having my nipples hooked up to a car battery would be more pleasant than some of the others.

Tuesday I'm going over to Baptist Preacher's Wife's house for "crafting." Yes, Andi is going crafting. Well, more realistically...Andi is going to sit amongst people who craft. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crafting, and I wouldn't be so bitchy as to insinuate that, but I've managed to try 800 crafts in my life and I've stuck with exactly 0 of them for more than 2 weeks. I tried crocheting and wanted to rip my eyeballs out after I finished my first potholder, I tried quilting and ended up with gushing, bloody fingertips, and I tried cross stitch long enough to make half a project when Mikel was born. He's now 14. Baptist Preacher's Wife assured me that I was welcome to bring my own craft along or try the cross stitching or quilting. I was tempted to ask if I could bring my laptop and blog a long string of innovative curse words, but somehow I think that'd go over like a turd in a punch bowl. Why don't I just NOT GO you ask?? Because she has me firmly by the proverbial nuts. She wants to talk about the plans for the town library.

Wednesday is faculty orientation for the college (not to be confused with GA orientation at the university). I've already been oriented, but apparently we have to be oriented over and over. Because summer can be very disorienting. Director invited me to help with registration, which means, "Ms. Andi, please come in and help with registration for a few hours if you'd like to ever work in education in this town again."

Friday is a museum trip with a lady from my book group. Shit...that reminds me that the book group meeting is Tuesday night and I haven't read the book yet. Anyway, museum trip to Dallas and Ft. Worth. I need to try to get out of it. The lady is very nice, but wound tighter than an 8-day clock, and I'm afraid her nervous breakdown over the Dallas traffic might pull me right over the edge.

The 26th is Grad. Assistant orientation from 9-3 and then a party at my favorite professor's house from 5 to whenever. Must pick out my most responsibly sexy ensemble so as to make a good impression on the new profs. I'm thinking the Jackie O shirt.

On TV: I shot it.
CD of choice: Touch...Amerie.
Reading: My palm.
In my head: White girl noise.


  1. "white-girl noise" or "white girl-noise"?

  2. I hear you on the coma thing. I didn't do a thing all weekend (not that there wasn't plenty to do...).

    Also, your comment at the top--if you don't do some explaining, we're gonna come up with our own stories, etc.! But I guess we're glad you're happy! Nice that someone can be that giddy these days!

  3. It never fails that when you have all the time in the world you can't figure out what to do. Sucks ass.

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  5. I'm terrible at being off as well. I get two weeks vacation a year and I end up taking one day a week off in the summer. I have no idea what the hell I'd do with a whole 2 weeks off!

  6. Ago-go,
    White-girl noise. lol

    I'm sure everyone's gears are already grinding. I should set up a blog for everytone to voice what they THINK is going on in my life. I'm sure it'd be full of interesting untruths.

    Isn't that the truth. I think it's one of the unwritten laws of physics or something.

    Fuck ya.

    If you lived closer we could discuss books in person and paint each other's toenails. Rachel works too much to keep me entertained.

  7. Ummm, Andi - I have about a million things you can do for me while your off. First, can you get the PayPal set up and working on my web site? I just havne't had time to figure it out. I can pay you in internet hugs and kisses...

    Also, you need to find a craft that you LIKE and stick with it. I have so many it's annoying. Good luck with the preachers biatch.

  8. FunkB,
    I know, I need a craft. I was pretty into making postcards and stuff for a while, but I was an art major so I'm more into the acrylic painting and collaging. My paintings usually come out very idea-ful and vague and abstract, so I'm afraid the church ladies wouldn't appreciate my tribue to Jackson Pollock's ghost.

    Good luck with the PayPal!

  9. You should post some of your art! (If Dark Lady is one, I'm going to be supremely impressed, but your description doesn't sound like that)

  10. Os,
    Sadly, dark lady is not my work. I'll try to dig something up to post.


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