Monday, August 08, 2005


I made a bit of a road trip yesterday, and now I feel quite a bit better about things. Thanks to all of you who left messages wishing me well. They were much appreciated.

Now, I have three weeks off and I have NO IDEA what to do with myself. After roughly nine hours sleep last night I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed. I could go to the library and read up the stash of magazines I've neglected since I've been a patron last. I could go visit Rachel (very likely), or maybe I'll swim all day. Heaven knows I've got a boat-load of books I could take advantage of.

Oh the possibilities....

More later.


  1. Three weeks? Sounds like a chance to blog, blog and blog some more :)

  2. Will definitely blog, Fence. If nothing else, it'll be a blog explosion.

  3. I can not imagine having 3 weeks off in a row to do absolute nothing if I so wished.

    Sounds heavenly...I think I would read, read, and read some more.

    I am glad you are feeling better.

  4. three weeks! niiiiice. please do something all kinds of fun for the sake of the rest of us poor saps! listen to my story. you have three weeks, so that's plenty of time to read this:

    saturday night at about three am (sunday morning, whatever), this idiots car alarm goes off for about five minutes. it was so loud and annoying that it woke me up completely and i did not go back to sleep until after six. greeeat since i had to get up for church and all that, but whatever, right? well LAST night at about ten thirty it goes off again....and again...and again...every ten minutes or so until after five this morning. the police? "sorry, we tried to get in touch with the owners, so we can't, and theres nothing we can do..." we finally leave a message for our landlord, but its not like he was going to get that until nine, right? i don't know. the car was gone this morning, which means one of two things. either a) the idiots were so freaking trashed that they couldn't connect the sound with their actual vehicle so they actually just sat in their house and listened to it all night along with the rest of us or b) our landlord towed the stupid thing this morning. In my current state of vindictiveness i hope to God that he towed it and they never figure out where it is. you know i'm not a swearer, del, but you should have heard this nine month pregnant two nights sleepless and not happy about it woman at about three this morning. it was NOT pretty....

  5. Do you realize how nekkid you can get in 3 weeks??? By the pool?!?! Pictures, girl. Pictures!

    Sounds like things are OK--not as bad as anticipated?

    When is the NM trip? I think we've put the Vegas trip back on the calendar.

  6. looking good in the photos, the short heai soooooooooo much sexier, and the half naked pic is tooooooo sweet, cats PJ's this time with alittle bit of the ass.

    see you in my box

  7. oh to have three weeks worth of reading time... sounds like heaven, I'd get bed/couch sores.

  8. Glad you're back, Andi.

    I think you should spend the next 3 weeks doing nothing remotely useful.

    Are you still going to NMexico?

  9. Heather,
    That's the plan!! If I can sit down long enough. I've gotten very antsy.

    I shall try!

    I fear I would've ripped the balls off of someone...landlord, car owner, policeman, etc. Anyone within reach...except Rob.

    It's raining buckets...hopefully it quits for a decent stretch so I can get swimsuited and rescue my fading tan.

    Thanks, Petrow!

    Sam, I have a nice juicy bedsore in the works right now. I'm reading Eat Cake, by Jeanne Ray. Fun!

    I'll be as useless as possible, Suzz, and I'm telling my mom you told me to.

  10. No NM trip peeps. The reason coming up in the next post.


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