Saturday, September 03, 2005


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGOOOO-GOOOOO!!!!! Today has been a bit of a mess, so I am dreadfully late, but I have been thinking of you my dear!

Ago-go is one of my favorite blog peeps for a great many reasons a few of which include:

1. She's make-me-pee funny.
2. Wicked sassy.
3. Intimidatingly intelligent.
4. Kind enough to keep us all stocked up on bellydancing photos.

Ago-go, you are truly one of the royalest of blog goddesses, and I love reading your blog every day. You are one of my addictions! I hope you had a wonderful birthday filled with good laughs, good friends, gummy worm birthday dessert, and naked men.



  1. Ago-go, fuck yeah! I posted best wishes on her blog.

  2. Happy birthday, Gogo :))))

  3. Os,
    Of course. Well, maybe in khakis. I prefer that to totally naked.

  4. It is my duty to inform you that has seized and shut down the website known as Strategery, found at because we felt like it. We are all-powerful and will shut you all down if you aren't careful.

    Oh, and I hope this ago-go person enjoys the anniversary of her birth. Carry on, blogger slack-offs.

  5. Aaahh,'ve done our country a favor. Now, could you just go shut up the real Pres?? ;-D

  6. Anyone who is funny enough to make me piss my pants is okay in my book!


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