Wednesday, September 28, 2005


FINALLY! Some good news. And when I say good, I mean GOOD GOOD news. I can't tell you what it is. Really. I can't. For a price has been put on my head if I do, but when the time comes I shall share the joy.

*doin' a 70's-style Saturday Night Fever jig*


  1. You got laid?

    By two guys?

    And neither of them spoke english?

  2. Okay now, that is not nice at all.

    Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral


  3. well congrats even if you can't share.

    I have a guess, but that's just stupid because I have no idea.

    :) have a great day.

  4. I have a secret too!!! You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. You first...

  5. are you preggers?

    getting married?

    won the lottery?

    or better yet preggers and married to Viggo Mortenson?

  6. HUMMMMM... Can I guess!!! Glad you are feelin better!

  7. I've got nothing here. Not even a guess. Well, one guess, but I'd be surprised. Whatever it is, you seem to be much happier! Let us know!

  8. i want to know now! hehe

    i have NO PATIENCE at all! NONE

    sounds great though !! :)

  9. you won the lottery, got a great job, and your boy presented you with a beautiful garnet ring? oh wait...that's my fantasy. let us know when you can!

  10. I'm guessing a GIGANTIC KARMA SMACK DOWN levelled your mean Uncle!

  11. Andy, where's your new template? wtf...

    Can you tell me the good news in private? Come on!

  12. I'm with Suzz. The woman is too wise for words.

  13. Johnny,
    You crack me up, but NOOO.

    I'm terribly sorry, and let's go with mineral!

    Oh Steph,
    Do wow me. I'm sure it's something deliciously twisted.

    Shifty girl. It's a ploy isn't it?

    LOL, Amanda...
    I'd make him take a bath first. He's always dirty in his movies. And likely elsewhere as well.

    Guess away, Val! But I still won't tell you if you're right. hehehehe

  14. Os,
    I'm shocked. I thought you'd be the king of guesses!

    Greepety Gus,
    I have no patience either. NONE!

    Ooh, garnet...I haven't thought about one of those in ages.

    OH SUZZ,
    If only I were so lucky. I fear not.

    My new template is down for repairs...soon to make its grand reappearance. In the meantime, back to boring white.

  15. I love it... HNT Rocks!!

  16. Yipee for good things.

    And see how good I am, not even prying :)

  17. I love a dog that can wear a hot bra! Glad to hear you have some good news to share. can't wait to hear it!!!

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  19. Spill it!!!! LOL, I can keep a secret, I promise! ;)


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