Friday, September 02, 2005

I can't not say it anymore.....

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING???? Or, shall I say, "Why aren't you doing more?"

I'm listening to Trent Lott on CNN right now. He's sympathizing with the Katrina victims because he's been through a number of hurricanes, tornados, and ice storms he says (and we all know that's the same). He says, "People get upset and hurt when they don't have food, water, or a bath for three or four days." FUCK YOU, Trent Lott. What about the dead bodies, the snipers, and the raw sewage??? What about the people hovering on rooftops waiting for someone to save them??

Mr. Lott is perfectly happy with government response to Katrina. Mr. Lott continues to insist "I don't mean to minimize what these people are going through..." as he goes on to say, "but they've just lost everything they have and they're mad." THEY'RE DYING YOU FUCKRAG!!!

I have never been so pissed off at the government in my entire life. Some may say the complaining doesn't do any good, but if it takes a truckload of bitching from the American people to get something done, so be it. I feel it our job as citizens to NEVER let the government off easy. Make your voices heard and get results.

My university will be taking on approximately 500 displaced students from the affected Gulf Coast areas in the next weeks. Reunion Arena is being used to house evacuees, and if you'd like to help go see The American Red Cross.


  1. Andi,

    well I was sorry to catch Fuckwit's arrival on the Gulf Coast this a.m. I watched him surrounded by 2 middle aged white male Republican Governors (Miss. and Ala.) who slobbered all over him and told him what a great job the Feds were doing.

    How do you explain Americans dying in shelters they were sent to from lack of food and water? The $50 million Bush cut from the Army Core of Engineer's budget request for the levees around N.O. this year?

    Every time I remember that Louisiana voted for that idiot I get mad all over again.

  2. And what kind of speech was that??? Like someone said on Americablog: "Worst speech ever. Arrogant, short on details, bad "tough-guy" drawl. People need empathy, he gives them spaghetti western."

    And it's all a perfect example of the complete failure of "homeland security." What a joke.

    Interesting piece on a while ago about the hurricane scenario that was done a year or two ago. An LSU hurricane expert commented on the Army Core of Engineers guys giggling in the back of the room. Everyone totally blew it off.

    Uggg, uggg, uggg!!! So many things to be pissed about!

  3. I didn't hear the speech because I refuse to look at him. This morning I looked at the 2 govs.

    Has it occurred to this collection of imbeciles that we are a fucking lot more likely to be hit by natural disasters than terrorists?

    Especially since we have taken 100,000 targets over to the Middle East so the terrorist don't have to travel so far to kill Americans. Why in the fuck should they bother to come here? They can do it from the convenience of their cars and homes.

    But, then, most of the people affected in N.O. are black so it's not like they're real Americans. Where in God's name am I living?


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